Vision Nano Clearomizer Review

Do you ever notice clearomizers these days are so… big?  If you miss the smaller clearomizers, this Vision Nano Review is for you.  Vision is the company who kicked off the large, eGo-style CE4 clearomizer trend earlier this year. Now, Vision has released a small clearomizer called the Nano. Let’s find out if the petite Nano can deliver performance like its larger siblings.

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Product name Vision Nano Clearomizers
Available From MadVapes
Price  $3.99
Resistance  2.5Ω
Capacity  .8ml
Threading  510

Vision Nano Design

These tiny clearomizers essentially have nothing in common with the popular CE4 designs that are floating around. There are no replaceable heads, nor graduated markings on the tube.  The V-Nano is actually a bottom coil clearomizer.

Vision Nano Clearomizer Head ImageLooking at the construction of the coil housing the design seems to share quite a bit from the bottom coil clearomizers of years gone by. The bottom of the unit has a metal atomizer housing with two tiny wicks. Fitted atop the atomizer is a metal housing with an air tube which covers the atomizer assembly, preventing e-liquid from spilling out the bottom of the cartomizer.

What the V-NANO doesn’t have are any oddball rubber gaskets, save for one at the top of the air tube where it meets the proprietary mouth piece. The tip screws on the clearomizer’s tube, similar to Vision’s other clearomizers. However, this is a different tip which has threads at the base of the tip with no extender piece on the tip that can be found on the others.

The air tube extends past the top of the clearomizer tube to make contact with the mouth piece.  The gasket keeps everything sealed and air tight.

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The design appears to work well as I didn’t run into any leaking or flooding problems that have plagued so many of the old bottom coil designs of the past.

Beyond the internal design and mouthpiece, the Vision carto looks pretty standard, sitting between a standard and XL clearomizer as far as size goes.  For those of you who like to match their hardware with their e-cigarette, there are 7 color choices available with this clearomizer.


Despite being rated at 2.5 ohm, the Vision had trouble with chain vaping at 4 volts or higher on my MVP.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that the Nano is very capable when run at lower voltages.  Running at 3.8 volts, I was satisfied with the amount of vapor produced. The flavor reproduction was clean.  As is the case with almost all bottom coils, the vapor was a bit cooler than traditional or top-coil cartomizers.

Vision Nano review traditional electronic cigarette imageAnother interesting finding was that the Nano paired very well with a traditional electronic cigarette.  The weight and length of the clearomizer was a beautiful compliment to the stick style ecig. The Nano also performed very well attached to this type of battery.

I guess what I’m saying is the Vision clearo is apparently very efficient. It operates very well at lower voltages, but at the price of not handling high voltage very well.

Naturally, liquid capacity is a bit of a weak point with this clearomizer. That’s to be expected since you can’t have a small cartomizer and a lot of e-liquid capacity in the same package. I was able to load around 0.8ml into the tube.

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Filling isn’t quite as difficult as I had expected.  Unlike CE2s of yore, the top of the Nano is open so a needle is not required for filling. The top of the air tube extends past the top of the cartomizer making it quite difficult to dump liquid into the airway, flooding the unit. You do need a steady hand to fill the clearomizer with a regular liquid bottle because the gap between the tube and the outer shell is pretty small.  It may be advisable to use a fine tipped bottle or needle just to avoid dripping e-liquid down the side of the Vision Nano clearomizer.

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

Unlike Vision’s other clearomizer offerings, the Nano is petite. As a result it has less than 1ml of e-liquid capacity. The device performs admirably with low voltages and pairs very well with traditional e-cigarettes. If you prefer your devices smaller, the Vision Nano might be worth a look.  You can pick one up from MadVapes.


Excellent low voltage performance
No leaks
Easy to fill


Small capacity
Proprietary drip tip

Disclosure: I feature affiliate links for MadVapes

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  • Does the airtube pull out like the CE-3?


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  • how to clean it?

  • In response to the cleaning question.. I have several of these I started using as a replacement for blu cartomizers since they produced great vapor in a small enough form factor to be “stealthy”. Running some hot water through it, letting it dry overnight then doing a couple “dry hits” seemed to adequately allow changing flavors without much fuss.

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