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Let’s say you love CE5’s, but you want something bigger without getting a tank, and maybe it should have a bottom coil.  If you’ve ever said that this Vision Victory clearomizer review might be exactly what you are looking for.  Yep, it’s like a CE5 but huge and with a bottom coil.  Let’s take a look at the Vision Victory bottom coil clearomizer.

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vision victory card image Product name  Vision Victory Bottom Coil Tank
Available from  Vapor Alley
Price  $8.99
Coupon  skvw for 5% off
Competing products  Kanger, CE4/5
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Vision Victory Design

Is the Victory a fat clearomizer or a thin tank with a built-in eGo skirt?  I’m not really sure to be honest, but those can be two ways to describe Vision’s clearo.  The tank is tall with straight sides that taper at the top like a CE4/5, but it is about twice as wide and can hold around 5+ ml of e-liquid.

vision victory and headThe top of the Victory is sort of an odd animal, like a cross between a traditional drip tip and a fixed top you find in most bottom coil tanks these days.  It looks a little tiny topping off a sizable tank.

Along the sides are the typical liquid level markings, going all the way up to 5ml.  Toward the bottom of the tank is a metal band which tapers into an eGo skirt.

While the bottom looks like a single piece, it is, in fact, two parts.  This is important, because it’s the bottom part that actually unscrews for liquid access.  I nearly broke one of these trying to unscrew it by the top portion of the bottom cap.

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The bottom half features the replaceable head and threading, which are on the skirt and not the battery connector.   Actually, this tank isn’t the most compatible thing around.  You’ll need either an eGo or an APV with eGo threading and a removable thread cover (something like the SVD).  There is simply not enough distance between the skirt and the top of the end cap where it bulges out to meet the wide tank. The tank will hang up on that bulge preventing proper connection.

Using the Vision Victory

vision victory on egoFilling the tank isn’t particularly different from any other clearomizer. It just takes longer because of the size.  There is a fair amount of distance between the opening in the bottom of the tank and the internal air tube meriting some caution while filling.  You don’t want liquid to go down the center, unless you like having e-liquid on your clothes.

Performance with the tank is a touch unusual.  The Victory is simply not a very high performance tank.  Things start to break down north of 7 watts. It certainly can’t handle the 9 and 10 watt loads I typically put things like the Trophy Tank through.

That’s not to say this thing is a dog by any means.  Performance at the lower wattages is fairly impressive with plenty of vapor.  Flavor reproduction is nice as well.  Maybe it lacks a touch of oomph if anything.

Together with the oddball bottom design, it seems like the Vision may have been purpose-built for eGo devices.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

tl;dr victory tank review

The Vision Victory clearomizer is sort of like a bottom coil CE5 that fell off the diet wagon.  It boasts a massive 5ml capacity and a built-in eGo adapter.  The odd shape of the bottom may keep this things off larger APVs making this device better suited for eGos.  The performance isn’t too shabby at lower power, so this probably is a good choice to top off an eGo, particularly a fixed-voltage model.

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  • Huge capacity
  • Available in many colors
  • Good low power performance


  • Won’t fit many APVs
  • Low wattage tolerance

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