Vision VT Clearo Review – Vivi Nova Update?

Vision has recently put out a few new clearomizers recently. I’ll be reviewing those over the next few weeks. I’m going to start with the Vision VT Clearomizer which is a top-coil setup that I have to wonder if it may one day replace the beloved Vivi Nova. Curious to know why? Read the rest of the Vision VT Clearomizer review to find out what I’m thinking.

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Victory VT Clearomizer review title image Product name  Vision VT Clearomizer
Available from  VaporAlley
Price  $7.99
Threading  eGo (Cone)
Capacity 2.0 ml+
Competing products  Vivi Novas, Kanger tanks
Who’s it for?  Users who like simple tanks and easy to fill clearomizers.Vivi Nova fans should also check this one out.

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Vision VT Design

At first blush, Vision’s clearomizer looks like a tall, skinny Kanger Protank. The top cap is a single-piece design that incorporates both the end cap and the mouthpiece in a single metal unit.  The bottom of the cap features a textured finish to make it a tad easier to remove the top for filling.

Vision VT ComponentsThe bottom cap features the same crosscut texture as the top. It’s actually more of a section than a cap.  Beyond the textured part is a long sleeve with lines carved at various intervals.

That sleeve is designed to fit over eGo batteries.  In addition, the Vision is threaded on the sleeve and not the battery connector.  That means that you’ll need to use this on a device equipped with true eGo threading.  The good news is that the tank is thin enough to work with most of the APVs that have a battery connector cover like the ZMAX.

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From the other side of the bottom section, the VT takes on more Nova attributes with a stem attached to the bottom cap which fits the replaceable coil head assembly on top.

You’ll find the same familiar graduated markings on the tube of the Vision.  There’s a reason for that, it uses the same tubes as the mini Vivi Nova models (as far as I know there’s no large version of the VT, yet).  The real difference between the two is the replaceable head unit.

Coil and wick remains the same essentially, but now there is an extended piece covered in a silicone cap that rises from the atomizer assembly. This piece fits into the mouthpiece section of the top cap, sealing the clearomizer.

This is what makes it truly different from the Nova.  There’s no more need for the secret gasket to keep the thing working right.  Sure it means losing the ability to use your own drip tips, but it’s made up for in performance.

One thing to note before getting into the next section: there are heads available in different resistances, but unlike the Vivi Nova, the VT doesn’t come with extra heads, just the one that’s already attached.

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