Vision VT Clearo Review – Vivi Nova Update?

Using the Vision VT

As I mentioned in the previous section, the new design eliminates some of the problems that plague the Vivi Nova.

Vision VT on eVicThere’s no odd gurgling, nor big mouthfuls of e-liquid in the mouth.  It also seems to take some work to get the VT to deliver a dry hit. I couldn’t really get it to burn even while chain vaping at 10 watts with a nearly empty tank.

It wasn’t perfect under that abuse, the flavor started to go out of things and I could tell it wanted to burn.  Not being a big fan of choking on a big burnt taste, I figured I should stop and just tell you not to do that.

As far as useful wattage ranges, I noticed something interesting with the tank.  I’m using the 1.8 ohm version of the VT. I got pretty decent vapor out of the Vision as low as 7 watts (which translates to about 3.5v). The best vapor seemed to happen around 8 watts (3.8v) production was very good as was the flavor.

The most interesting part is that further wattage increases didn’t yield more vapor. The vapor got warmer, but there wasn’t more of it all the way up to the 10 watt experiment.

It’s kind of nice to not have to worry about maxing out the voltage and means the VT will perform well on a variety of devices.

The flavor department was pretty good as well.  It’s not going to have all the flavor delivery capability of a nice rebuildable atomizer of course. But, I’d say it’s certainly on par with the Vivi Nova.

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And that ain’t too shabby.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

Vision VT tldr

The Vision VT Clearomizer is an eGo threaded 2ml clearomizer that takes on much of the attributes of the wildly popular Vivi Nova without many of the downsides that can be a problem with Novas.  The 1.8 ohm version offers good performance even at low voltages and can provide a warmer vape at higher voltages. You can find both resistance options and color choices when you visit VaporAlley.


  • Easy to fill
  • Good performance even at low voltage
  • No flooding or gurgling issues
  • Replaceable heads


  • Can’t use drip tips
  • eGo cone threaded
  • No longer includes extra heads

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