Wake Mod Bigfoot: Pretty Monster [Review]

So many advanced vaporizers. So many cool designs. In a world where there’s so much competition, Wake Mod rolled out its Bigfoot vaporizer. It’s an attractive mod, but is it anything beyond the ordinary vape device? Find out more in this Wake Mod Bigfoot review!

Wake Mod BigFoot:
Features and Stuff

  • Dual 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Zinc Alloy body (plastic battery door)
  • Large TFT display
  • 200 Watt max wattage
  • Temp. control, 570F Max.
  • Spring-loaded 510 connection
  • USB port
  • Industry-leading safety features
  • Available as a kit with tank

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When I was looking for a new “simple” mod, something as fancy as the Bigfoot from Wake didn’t exactly spring to mind first thing. In a rush, I hit my local vape shop and asked what they had that could do at least 100 watts and didn’t break the bank. They brought the Bigfoot from under the counter. And I thought, oh great, another vape shop that doesn’t understand the concept of inexpensive everyday vape mod.

Bigfoots are available in a variety of colors and patterns thanks to interchangeable plastic battery doors. The body of the devices are made from an alloy and have a glossy finish. Mine had gold accents, and maybe it was a bit over the top, but I thought it was just a little too pretty.

Sometimes I feel when a product has too much shiny and little fussy designs there was more focus on making eye candy than a functional vaporizer. After extensive use, I’m happy to say that the folks at Wake put a good effort into both aspects.

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There’s a number of different color patterns and designs with clever names, like “Gang” (I don’t know why, don’t ask.). Although you may find selection limited as I had to go through quite a few different online vape shops for this review to find one that had any in stock.

While the patterns differ, the same basic construction holds true for all Bigfoots. They each feature a glossy body made of some sort of zinc alloy, so it feels a bit more solid than aluminum mods and a bit lighter than stainless steel.

The battery doors are made of polycarbonate, so that likely helps with the overall weight of the device. The door is fully removable and stays put thanks to a trio of strong magnets.

In general, I prefer the removable back panel rather than the bottom-load battery compartments. I always find the latter to eventually result in poor battery connections.

Along the side of the device is a very large, elongated fire button. It’s a nice cross between a traditional button and the devices with the squeezable side panel like the Pressa.

Up top, the mod and the side panel taper in then have a circular flair where the tank sits. This gives the device a very stylish platform for holding the tank. It sets the Bigfoot apart from typical “box” style vaping mods.

Around the front there’s a large and easy to read 1.5 inch TFT display screen. The screen displays the current wattage/temperature setting in a large font over a background logo.

Toward the bottom are the two adjustment buttons. They are located just above the obligatory USB port.

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Typically I ignore the port as I usually charge the batteries via an external charger. However, I use this device when I’m travelling so I’ve had occasion to use the built-in USB charging. I’m not sure if it’s my imagination or what, but it seems like the Wake Mod Bigfoot charges much faster than usual via USB.

I found no complaints when it came to performance in other areas as well. The device was responsive when getting a tank up to temperature for vaping. The buttons all had a solid feel to them.

There were some issues with buttons getting activated while the device was pocketed. However, remembering to click the fire button five times to shut the device off prevents any mishaps.

Not that I’m saying I almost set my pants on fire once. I’d never be that irresponsible.

Wake Mod’s Bigfoot hits the mark when combining a beautiful design with a competent vaporizer, so it’s well worth grabbing one

It seems like these devices are getting harder to find, so check out the link below to grab one of your own or scour your local vape shops.

I found some available at ShopMVP, so check them out first.

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