Wales Ditches Vaping Ban

Last year, Wales proposed a massive vaping ban across many public areas in that country.  Despite cries against such extreme action, leaders of that country pressed ahead.  One election later and things have clearly changed.

The First Minister noted that the bill, which also includes other public health iniatives has no chance of succeeding so long as the vaping provisions remain.

“The public health bill will be brought back to the assembly but, clearly, there is no point including the provisions on e-cigs when we know they are not going to get through.”

His Labour party no longer hold the majority within the Welsh Government, meaning he will need to secure the support of other parties to allow bills to pass.

— via South Wales Argus

I guess one can’t say for certain vapers turned the tide of the election to begin with.  But, what we can infer is that sometimes political change can undo terrible mistakes.

Speaking of terrible mistakes.  Wales is still subject to the hars restrictions of the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive.  Although, there are some things afoot in the UK that might exempt that country from those rules as well.

Maybe we are finally seeing a trend of things getting un-banned.  We can only hope.

Steve K

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