Warming up to the Kanger ProTank

Kanger’s high-end bottom-coil tank, the ProTank has been on the market for a while.  That puts me a little behind the leading edge reviewing this glass clearomizer tank so late in the game. It’s not that I didn’t have one before, it just took a while for me and the ProTank to see eye-to-eye. Check the Kanger ProTank review and find out why.


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Protank Title Product name  Kanger ProTank
Available from VaporAlley
Price $19.99
Resistance 2.5Ω
Threading  510
Coil configuration  Bottom coil, replaceable head



Kanger ProTank Design

A number of great clearomizers and tanks have come out of the Kanger factory in recent months. However, they really did put some effort in putting the “pro” in ProTank. The design is decidedly high-end.

ProtankThe top-of-the-line feel starts with the box the tank comes in. Mine came in a padded (simulated) leather box, sort of like a jewelry box complete with the springy hinge. I understand some vendors may have a nice tin box option as well.  Inside, the box has indented fittings for the ProTank itself, replacement heads and the included eGo dress-up ring.

Construction is similarly high-grade featuring a Pyrex tank instead of your typical plastic. The large, fixed top and drip tip combination as well as the bottom sleeve are stainless steel.

Kanger’s high-end tank is a bottom coil affair, very similar to the EVOD and T3 designs.  In fact, EVOD heads are compatible with the ProTank.  Obviously this means the ProTank sports a replaceable head.

The head has a small tube which serves as the cover and airflow from the head into the tube fixed within the tank’s body.  The ProTank stem is slightly longer than the EVOD’s and they can be removed and swapped, but I found you can also use the smaller version with no ill effects.

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Filling the ProTank is a simple affair.  Unscrew the bottom ring which contains the head assembly and fill.  Be careful not to get liquid down the center tube since it would just dribble out the tip and probably make a mess on your nice, new shirt.  You didn’t think I’d notice, did you?

Using the Kanger ProTank

Filling is simple, and general use is too.  Well, to a degree.  This is the point where Kanger’s flagship and I didn’t quite get along.

When I first used the ProTank, I experienced some serious dry hits.  It would vape fine for a short bit and then burnt flavor. Letting it sit for a minute cleared it up, but it was consistently awful.

ProTank Kanger headI chalked it up to a bum head (it happens) so I popped in the 2nd head and got pretty much the same thing.  I did some poking around to find that the beta units had a leaking problem.

It appears that the solution to the leaking was to toss a couple chunks of short wick on top of the coil. Some people reported success removing that wick. I tried that and that’s how I figured out it was the solution to the leaking problem.

At that point I chucked the tank in the little bin I keep on my desk full of stuff that frustrates me.

Some time passed and desperate for something that wouldn’t crack from a heavily citrus e-liquid I decided to take another run at the ProTank.  There are apparently two pieces of wick on top of the coil, so I tried pulling one out.

The results were decidedly better.

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Now the tank was putting out great vapor with some nice flavor without burning.  There was also no flooding for a while.

Eventually I ran into flooding and disappointment. But out of desperation I kept using the ProTank.  I discovered that it was more prone to flood on my eVic but never flooded on an eGo.

There’s the A-ha! moment.  The eVic and the bottom of the Kanger  touched and had a tighter airflow than the eGo with the provided cone.

A tighter draw ends up pulling too much liquid to the head causing leaks. Ensuring there’s a small gap between the device and tank bottom keeps everything dry.

Armed with that secret I’ve been enjoying the hell out of my citrus e-liquid.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

protank tldr

Kanger’s ProTank is a well-built and great performing glass and stainless steel tank. The design does leave a little bit to be desired as depending on the consistency of your e-liquid the head may need to be opened up to improve wicking. When it is dialed in, the Kanger ProTank is a superb clearomizer tank. VaporAlley has some in stock as of this writing.


  • Glass and steel construction
  • Excellent performance
  • Replacable heads
  • Easy to fill
  • Acidic e-liquids, no problem


  • Can be fidgety
  • Glass can break
  • Cannot use other drip tips

Steve K

Hello and welcome to Steve K


  • I find it imparts a metallic taste to the vapour. Anyone else? It now resides in my box…

  • Is there something similar to the protank in a plastic version? I bought the protank. 1 day in, the glass was separating from the metal, causing mad leakage. Returned it for another one. 1 week in, I drop it…… Yes Steve … Glass Breaks.. I am now without a protank. 20 bucks in one weeks gone for good. I did like it for a few days (after the replacement of the leaking tank)…

    • That happened to me (dropped and broke) with a glass RBA not 5 minutes after I built the first coil for it

  • I have the 2013 version of this tank, ended up buying a second one… the draw is a bit airy, but seems miles ahead of the plastic competition. I dropped mine and it broke my ego twist at the seam!

  • I have had really good luck with mine especially using with an Evod head.

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