Where in the World Can I Vape? A Traveller’s Guide [Infographic]

Already planning next year’s summer holidays? Before booking your flights, don’t forget to research vaping laws in your chosen destination.

With the popularity of e-cigarettes surging around the world, the question of whether you can vape abroad is one that many travellers don’t think to ask before setting off. However, one in three countries have some sort of e-cigarette regulation. Without taking the proper precautions, some vapers could potentially find themselves in trouble during their travels.

The severity of vaping regulations can vastly differ from country to country. Whereas some countries take a more relaxed approach, others impose harsh penalties on those caught with e-cigarettes. In fact, 21 nations have a complete e-cig ban. For example, in the UAE, e-cigarettes have been banned since 2009 and any kind of vaping equipment that is brought into the country is seized at the airport.

There are many countries that have adopted a slightly more opaque stance that may not be immediately obvious to tourists’ eyes. For example, in Austria vapers may struggle to purchase Nicotine-containing e-liquids and e-cigarettes as they are classed as medicinal and cannot be sold. Another good example is Finland, where Nicotine-containing cartridges are banned but can be purchased from abroad for private use.

Prior to packing your luggage, make sure to take the time to research the laws in your chosen destination and take care to check that your sources are up-to-date with all the latest developments. This may save you from paying a fine or worse yet, jail time! Remember that vaping regulations are still very much in a state of constant change as governments adapt to evolving research.

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If you’re going abroad and would like to find out more about vaping laws around the world, this infographic from purplebox vapours would be a good place to start. Be a smart traveller and read the below infographic today!

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