White Cloud Cigs Cuts Prices Across the Board

White Cloud Premium Electronic CigarettesWhite Cloud electronic cigarettes was once the home of some seriously astronomical prices. Recently, the company has been bringing their prices a little more down-to-earth through a series of price cuts.  WC Cigs just announced their latest round of price cuts which puts the costs of their kits more closely in line with the rest of the industry. Disposables are another story, those are actually very well priced in comparison to many other disposables (about 7 bucks a pop.)

If you really like disposables, however, there can be some real savings to be had. When purchased in packs of 10 the price drops dramatically to less than 4 bucks each. In addition to the lower prices on their products, they’ve also opened up more features for their starter kits as well.  Visit White Cloud and find out what’s new.

Steve K

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