WHO Pretends Harm Reduction Does Not Exist, Promotes Bogus Gateway

Electronic cigarettes, containing nicotine but not tobacco, were promoted as a way to quit smoking. But there was no evidence to justify the claim, and evidence from the United States showed they had increased the prevalence of young people smoking, he said. “So it’s also a gateway for young people,” Prasad said. “The answer is it needs to be regulated. WHO has clear guidelines – to get electronic cigarettes regulated. And if you are banning it, fine, but if you aren’t banning it don’t let it (go) free in the market, because the young people are taking it up.”

WHO says e-cigarettes, ‘smoke-free’ products do not help reduce cancer – Reuters

The World Health Organization is continuing their dogmatic quest to pretend vaping doesn’t help.

Not only that, but they are doubling down and repeating unproven claims that vaping is a gateway to get teenagers hooked.

And then they doubled that double and claim that actual teen smoking rates have risen. While I think they might be referring to an increase in teen vaping, the actual message seems to be inferring that all the kids are taking up cancer sticks because of vaping and Big Tobacco’s involvement in such.

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