Wismec Luxotic DF: Repurposing the Reuleaux [Review]

Wismec’s Reuleaux box mod has established itself as an icon in the vaping industry.  The three battery design has been a huge hit among cloud chasers.  The new Luxotic DF Box from Wismec decided to see what else could be done with that design.  The answer: a sqounk box, of course!

Wismec Luxotic DF Box Review

Disclosure: This review sample was provided by Wismec.  This review contains affiliate links.

Luxotic DF Specs and Features

  • 7ml e-liquid bottle
  • Uses 2x 18650 batteries
  • Max output 200w
  • Large LED display
  • Programmable firmware
  • USB charging port
  • Magnetic squonk cover
  • Designed for bottom-fed RDAs
  • Includes Guillotine RDA
  • Available as box only

I recently got my hands on Wismec’s new squonker box, the Luxotic DF box that’s slated to be available later this month (November 2018.) . The Luxotic may look a little familiar to some of you.  That’s because it’s based on the company’s widely popular Releaux triple battery box mod.

Wismec decided to keep the same body for the Luxotic but instead of a third battery, there’s now a 7ml liquid bottle that fits in the battery chamber along with the other two batteries. There’s now an exposed section on the vaporizer’s side panel that’s covered by a metal plate.

The plate is to give access to the juice bottle to squeeze more liquid into the attached rebuildable atomizer (a process known as “squonking”.) . You can remove the plate to make it easier to remove the liquid bottle for refilling.

Otherwise, the body is nearly identical to the original device.  For those not familiar, the body is sort of a diamond shape (well a hexagon, technically).  This shape originally allowed for the mod to house a third 18650 battery and reach insane wattage ranges above 200w.

With the third battery option missing, the Luxotic can only max out at a paltry 200w.  Those of you looking to jump start a car with your mod will have to look elsewhere.

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For the rest of us, 200w is plenty of power for just about any atomizer you want to throw at the Luxotic. In kit form, the Luxotic comes with Wismec’s Guillotine 2 rebuildable atomizer.  But, to keep this review short, I won’t be reviewing the atomizer.  Instead, I used a couple of bottom fed RDAs I reviewed previously so I’d know what to expect. 

The Luxotic is a fairly fat vaporizer, as you’d expect.  Two batteries and a juice bottle requires a lot of space, along with all the circuitry that makes a modern APV tick.  

Despite the chunky size, the Wismec fits comforably in my hand with the juice bottle in the web of my hand and the fire button exactly placed at the fire button.  It’s a simple thing, but you can tell the company put a lot of thought into the overall ergonomics of the device.

Below the fire button is the Luxotic DF’s display panel.  It’s a good size for a vaporizer. While it’s not a fancy color display, it presents quite a bit of information in a clear and easy to ready display. 

There’s even an option to turn off the display altogether (stealth mode) you can enable by holding the fire and power down buttons at the same time.

Oddly, power down is smaller than power up.  I guess people tend to crank the power up more than they crank it down?  Neither button is very big, but I found that using the buttons to adjust the wattage was not difficult at all.

While the buttons to adjust wattage were simple enough, the device’s ramp feature for those adjustments were a bit tricky.  Like most high-wattage mods, holding down the adjustment button causes the value to increase faster.  With the Luxotic, it’s way too fast.  It’s quite easy to jump from 20 to 80 watts in almost the literal blink of an eye.

Finally, at the bottom of the device, you’ll find the battery door.  Unlike most of the rest of the exterior of the DF Box, the battery door is made of plastic.  It is exceedingly simple to use, however.  Just slide it forward and then the door swings open from its hinge.

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Not only does the door conceal the batteries, it is also how the juice bottle is inserted.   The bottle slides in to its slot and hooks up with a small tube coming from the top of a compartment that feeds the liquid to your RDA.

This is also a slightly annoying feature.  When removing the juice box, it’s pretty much guaranteed your batteries will also fall out.  So, best practice, take out the batteries first before trying to remove the bottle.

You’ll also need to pull off the little magnetic bottle cover from the side of the mod.  This makes it easier to free the bottle by pushing down on it from the top.

I also found that the threads on the bottle are a little tight and it can be tricky to unscrew the cap without accidentally squiring leftover liquid around.

I suggest also keeping a napkin or something around when refilling the bottle to clean it off before putting it back.  You may also find a little liquid collected on the inside of the battery door as well.

Fortunately, these are fairly nitpicky annoyances.  The Luxotic has been a pleasure to use.  Thanks to its dual battery setup, it has no problem pushing the hard-core dual coil atomizer setups right along with the more simple single coil squonker RDAs I’ve tested with this APV. 

I’ve even used the Luxotic DF as a regular vaporizer with regular tanks.  Having the juice bottle and not using it was a little weird, but the Luxotic proves to be a very useful vaporizer all around.

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The Wismec Luxotic DF Box is a fantastic squonker.  In turn this means you get a best of both world situation.  You have the convenience of a large capacity tank along with the performance of a dripping atomizer.  The dual battery design means that you don’t have to skimp on performance in favor of convenience.

Luxotic is currently available for Preorder on Wismec’s site, with shipments expected to start November 22, 2018.

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