Wismec Motiv 2: Sleek & Simple [Review]

Wismec’s Motiv 2 certainly proves that vaping devices come in all shapes and sizes.  The Motiv is compact, sleek and very simple to use.  Those are always nice things to have in a vaping device.  But that doesn’t automatically make something a good vaping device.  Read the review to find out if the Wismec Motiv 2 ticks all the boxes.

Wismec Motiv 2 Review

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Features & Specs

  • 500 mAh battery
  • No button design
  • Includes 2 refillable pods
  • 10 watt max output
  • Battery status indicator
  • Overcurrent protection
wismec motiv 2 review image: retail packaging

The Review

Wismec’s little pod vaporizer is the latest in a long line of simplified vaping devices put out by a lot of companies.  It’s not a real secret that ever since the Juul came out, everyone has been falling over themselves to replicate their success.  

As the name clearly indicates, the Motiv 2 is Wismec’s second crack at the sleek pod design.  I never heard of the version 1 before this review, but the 2 is clearly an improvement, at least visually. 

The Motiv 2 is compact and sleek.  It features totally rounded corners and a smooth finish.  There are no displays or buttons or anything like that.  There is only a small LED light that changes color as you puff to indicate battery status and a micro USB charging port.

I had a hard time actually finding the port on the all-black version of the Motiv 2 I received.  It’s located along the side of the device instead of on the bottom.

wismec motiv 2 review image: tiny vaporizer fits in your hand

Being so small in size, the Motiv 2 is very easy to contain entirely in the palm of one’s hand.  This makes for an excellent stealth vaping device.  The auto battery function also means you just have to puff on the device so there are no worries about orienting the device in any particular way if you’re being sneaky about taking a vape.  

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Vaping with the Motiv 2 does take a little getting used to.  The pod that holds the e-liquid and atomizer is designed for you to put your lips around it when vaping.  There’s no sort of drip tip, so it kind of feels weird at first.

I also found that this device doesn’t have the smoothest draw of automatic batter devices I found.  That may be due to my failure to properly stick the Motive half way into my mouth I’m not sure.

The good news is the device comes with two pods, so I suppose you can have a spare for sharing if you’re so inclined.  

Each pod has a small rubber gasket you lift up to fill the pod.  The fill holes are fairly small, so an e-liquid bottle with a fine tip is a must.  I found it was a little fiddly getting the gasket back in place.  

Once everything was closed up correctly, I had zero problems with leaking so the extra fiddling is worth it.  The pods snap into place thanks to a couple of magnets and stay put once in place.

Wismec Motiv 2 review image: available in multiple colors

I have to admit, this type of vaporizer isn’t typically my thing, but I really like the design and build of the device.  

As you may imagine, performance isn’t exactly overwhelming on a device like this.  It’s not going to break any cloud chasing records or anything like that.

It produces a respectable, of small cloud of vapor.  But, as I mentioned earlier, the pull isn’t consistent so that can sometimes interfere.  

What I think this device would be good for are liquids that aren’t designed for vapor chasing.  Stuff like higher nicotine, nicotine salt or, CBD.

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I sort of assumed this wouldn’t output too much vapor when I started the review.  So, I ended up using CBD e-liquid while using the Wismec Motiv 2.  

As a CBD vaporizer, it’s pretty good.  It’s small, easy to have handy when you want it, and it doesn’t make me cough up a lung when I vape on it.  

When used in the proper context, there’s a lot to be loved in a compact little pod system.  Not the least of which is that it’s an open system device, so you can bring your own e-liquid.  

Did I mention it’s pretty easy on the wallet too?

You can grab one of your own over at Vape Sourcing.  

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