World Vaping Day 2012

Today is the first annual World Vaping Day.  The idea behind the day is to spread awareness of e-cigarettes and how they have the potential to change people’s lives.  Many groups and locales are hosting events today.  I’d recommend you hit the map at the World Vaping Day site to see if there is anything for you to participate in.

If you’re luck enough to have an event in your area, go!  Meet some like minded vapers. Swap war stories, try some new gear.  Have fun in general!  Most importantly, spread the word! Vaping is your thing, wear it like a badge of honor.

Here’s more details on the idea behind the event from the World Vaping Day page.

Thousands of smokers and ex-smokers across the world will be celebrating World Vaping Day on Thursday 22nd March 2012. At can be found more details of this global event. The day of celebration is organised by the World Vaping Day Project Group, comprising of following e-cigarette consumer associations: ECCA UK (UK), Stelda NL (Nederland), CASAA (USA), IGED (Deutschland), ATACA (Australia), and contact information can be found on the World Vaping Day website.

World Vaping day aims to celebrate the success of the electronic cigarette and to encourage new smokers who can’t or don’t want to quit smoking to switch to the e-cigarette. It is already known this approach (called THR or tobacco harm reduction) works extremely well and saves huge numbers of lives, because Sweden reduced the number of smokers by 40% [1], and achieved the lowest smoking-related mortality rate of any developed country, by the use of smokeless tobacco. In fact, this approach works orders of magnitude better than any official methods currently used.

E-Cigarettes have the potential to drastically reduce the death toll from smoking. Get the message:

E-Cigarettes are the #1 weapon against smoking-related death and disease

I could go on about vaping, but I think from my past writings, I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m a fan of e-cigarettes.  So, I’d rather turn things over to you.  To celebrate what vaping means to you, post a comment about it below!

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  • My Green Smoke e-cig is AWESOME!!

  • Oh I remember March 22.. The world vaping day was awesome! I wouldn't actually describe it as swapping war stories but overall it was really a good time! I got to meet new acquaintances sharing favorite brands, flavor mixes and more. Author, what's your name by the way? B)

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