X7 Micromizer review box

X7 Micromizer Impressions

X7 Micromizer Review – Obscure CE3 heir

X7 Micromizer review box


The X7 Micromizer is one of several clearomizers put out by Royal Smoker.  Interestingly, Royal Smoker’s CE3 Smokymizer built a buzz months ahead of its release and a feeding frenzy ensued.  I should know, my CE3 Smokymizer review is still popular.  Yet, the X7 among other models including the CE4 and CE5 is a pretty obscure piece of hardware.  I wasn’t planning on doing an X7 Micromizer review.  I just happened on a box of these at ESmoker Online (with blue LEDs!) when I was shopping for an eGo-C to review.

So I figured why not grab a box and write an X7 Micromizer review anyway.


What’s in the box

Normally I wouldn’t need to do a WitB section for cartomizers, but there are a couple of pieces here that will later be important to the Review. X7 Micromizer packs include the following:

  • 5 X7 clearomizers
  • 1 rubber drip tip
  • 1 silicone filling cover

X7 Micromizer Design

X7 clearmoizers are shrouded in the new “unbreakable” plastic that the CE3 and newer CE2 cartomizers use. The basic design of the cartomizers is a bottom-coil CE2 style.  The X7 has about a 1.3ml capacity.

This model also features a blue LED wedged into the tube as well.  Because, why not?

Specifically, the Micromizer looks on the inside like an inverted CE2.  The heating element is directly attached to the battery connector part.  The coil is encased in metal, rather than the familiar ceramic cup of the classic CE2.

x7 micromizer review cartomizer imageLike every bottom-coil design, a shroud keeps liquid from just drowning the coils in liquid.  Unlike the CE3, the X7 uses the more traditional configuration of small pieces of wick protruding from the sides of the shroud assembly.

The shroud is actually a two-piece design.

The bottom part covers the heating assembly and houses the LED.  The second piece is the air tube which runs the rest of the length of the tube.  The tube has a flange at the top and a clear silicone gasket covers the top part of the stem and flange.

Going back to the X7 Micromizer’s coil and LED assembly, they are connected together with a pair of wires that runs from either end of the coil up to the LED circuit board. This makes for a delicate setup if you have a habit of tearing your cartomizers apart.  Or is that just me?

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The included drip tip is very reminiscent of the classic CE2 rubber tips.  A tip of which I’ve never been particularly fond.  They taper to a tiny end which I’m always afraid I will bite right through.  There’s also a faint rubber taste to them.


Using the X7 Micromizer

Probably the first thing everyone wants to know about (hence why I buried it in the middle of the article) is whether it leaks or not.  The answer is yes and no.

x7 micromizer review disassembly imageUnlike some of the other bottom coil clearomizers out there, the X7 is completely dependent on vacuum.  Without the rubber drip tip in place, the clearomizer is about as watertight as a gym sock.

Once the tip is in place, things stay put pretty well.  That explains the gasket on the top of the stem.  It forms a seal with the rubber tip, keeping vacuum inside the tube.

The question then is how do you fill it without the juice running right through the battery connector?

That’s where the second part of the kit comes in.  The silicone cap is fitted over the battery connector during filling.  That keeps the leaking to a minimum.

The gap between the top of the stem and the side of the tube is very narrow.  This means you’re pretty much going to have to use a syringe or a very narrow tip of some sort to fill the device.  Fortunately it’s pretty simple to fill with the right equipment.

Once it’s filled.  Fit the tip on, as tightly as you can manage.  The X7’s drip tip is fairly poor fitting.  I had to sort of squeeze it to get it into the tube at all.  Once it was situated, it never seemed to go fully into the tube.

At one point, the tip fell out of my X7 while in my bag.  I thought that might make for a very short X7 Micromizer review.  Fortunately, I later found the tip and could continue with the review.

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Before you get any ideas, the unique vacuum requirement would prevent you from using your favorite drip tip.

x7 micromizer review coil and led assemblyThe LED feature is either going to be considered great by many people or written off as a novelty.  I like LED cartomizers occasionally.  They’re particularly handy on devices like box mods that lack any sort of indicator lights when they are firing.

The next big question I hear is about cleaning the X7.  The good news is that there’s no bizarre top-feed wick, so assembling the X7 should be considerably easier than the CE3 models.

The bad news is the LED setup makes it incredibly difficult to take the device apart to clean.

The heating coil wires and the LED assembly wires are connected together.  One of the X7s I attempted to pull apart ripped out both the wires and the heating coil completely, rendering the cartomizer useless.  Disassembly is possible if you’re very careful.

To disassemble, first mount the clearomizer on a battery.  Rock gently back and forth while pulling gently (similar to a CE2).  Once the tube has cleared the inner gasket on the metal assembly inside stop!  Grab a pencil and push the innards of the X7 through the bottom of the tube from the top.  This keeps the LED and heating coils from separating.

Once the engine has been removed, there is some play to pull the heating part away from the assembly and LED section.  The problem I noticed is that the wires seem to get in the way when re-assembling.  There’s a high likelihood the wires will be too close to the heating element when it’s all put back together.  Vaping wire casing, doesn’t seem like it would be a fun time.


X7 Micromizer performance

Now we get to the part of the equation where we figure out if the X7 performs well enough to make up for the odd quirks in the device.

In my mind the answer is no, not really.

Of all the clearomizers, the X7 has perhaps the poorest vapor production in the 3.7v range.  Another odd quirk is that for the first few vapes after filling, the cartomizer produces almost no vapor at all.

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x7 micromizer reviewFlavor and throat hit are both pretty good, but there’s just not as much vapor as I’d expect.  When cranking things up to between 4-5v the vapor thing improves quite a bit.  However, it’s more along the lines of vapor I’d expect at 3.7v as opposed to the vapor I get at the higher voltages with most cartomizers.

It is worth mentioning, however, this is one of the few CE2 inspired cartomizers that can actually keep up with voltages above 3.7 volts in the first place.  That means that the device does a pretty good job in the wicking department.

Flooding is also minimal (so long as the tip stays put).  There is a bit of condensation buildup in the tube.  For the most part, the tip and stem do a good job of channeling reconstituted e-liquid back into the proper part of the X7 Micromizer.


x7 micromizer review lit image

Too Long, Didn’t Read

The X7 Micromizer is a follow-up to the much discussed CE3 Smokimizer.  There are a few interesting traits about the X7 Micromizer. Review the pros and cons carefully.  I’m not saying this is a terrible device.  I’m just a fan of excessive vapor, and this isn’t the device for that.  It may be a good choice for people who don’t place as much emphasis on vapor but would like a smaller cartomizer with a built-in LED.

Shop for X7 Micromizers at ESmoker Online


  • Perhaps the smallest cartomizer with built-in LED
  • Works well at higher voltages
  • Features “crack proof” plastic


  • mediocre vapor production
  • Disassembly may damage the LED assembly (if a non-LED version exits it won’t have this issue)
  • Poor-fitting drip tip
  • Unable to use third-party drip-tip
  • Cartomizer will leak without drip-tip
  • Syringe and silicone condom required for filling


Product Name: X7 Micromizers
Purchased from: ESmoker Online
Price: $12.99/5-pack
Threading: 510


Disclosure: I feature affiliate links for ESmoker online 

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