Zemo Cigs Basic Kit Review

Zemo Cigs was kind enough to reach out to me recently and offer up samples of their basic starter kit and disposable e-cigarette for review.  The gear is of the traditional e-cigarette variety. It actually seems like these models are becoming more rare as the traditional brands are scrambling to get on the midrage e-cigarette bandwagon.  Here’s a quick look at Zemo’s sampler starter kit.

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Disclosure: I Zemo Cigs sent me this kit for review purposes.

Zemo Cigs Review

The first thing that struck me about the Zemo Cigs kit was the box.  It’s just very nice for a nearly free starter kit.  The box is styled like a flip-top cigarette pack, and is made of plastic.

zemo cigs review in hard plastic caseA plastic case is perfect for keeping everything in your pocket.  Regular readers know what a fan I am of e-cigarettes you can stick in your pocket.

This case holds the entire contents of the kit, which consists of a USB charger, a single battery and two pre-filled cartomizers available in regular or menthol and a couple different strengths.

Obviously, this is a very basic kit, and Zemo sells other kits that include more things.  This one, however, is what they’re referring to as their “free trial.”

Now there’s a term that makes me cringe.  I’ve spoken a bit about the importance of avoiding free trials that have strings attached.  I even got bitten once myself.

However, in this case, they’re basically selling a very simple kit for just $5.99 which is used to cover shipping.  Naturally, they do hope you come back to buy more refills and a bigger kit. Click here to see all their offerings.

As for the e-cigarette itself, I have to be honest here and say it’s not exactly the greatest performer, even for a traditional e-cigarette setup.

It’s not terrible, and the traditional tobacco flavor cartridges aren’t unpleasant to me as someone who moved away from tobacco flavors ages ago.

Vapor production is a little on the lighter side and the vapor is fairly cool. To me this seems to be a sign that the e-cigarette battery has an output on the lower end of the voltage spectrum.

The battery itself is well enough built, using a steel casing instead of plastic.  The draw on this automatic battery is nice and the switch has no problem activating on even the most timid of puffs.

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As an added bonus, the threading is 510, which means a high level of compatibility with other cartridges.  That may also explain the lower performance.  I’ve found that when it comes to the basic e-cigarette setups, 510s tend to lack power as compared to KR-808 based kits.

While I don’t think this kit will knock the socks off of any experienced vapors by a long shot, for the curious newbie, it might be worth the 6 bucks to try it out.

You can check out the offerings at Zemo Cigs’ website right here.

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