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Zombies Taste Like Milkshakes: Zombie Juice e-Liquid Review

The following is a guest review by John Irving.  Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to write your own guest post!

John, trying very hard to look like a zombie

We owe a lot to zombies. You may think that is a strange thing to say. After all, zombies eat people. They make scary noises. They terrorize entire communities at a very slow pace. So why then, would anybody be thankful for zombies?

There are at least 2 answers to that question. #1: The rise in popularity of zombies meant the ushering out of the popularity of vampires. The amount of awful vampire movies and tv shows coming out every week has been reduced to almost zero. In their place, we get such classics as Zombieland and The Walking Dead. Score! Answer #2: Zombies make some tasty juice.

For my first ever guest review on Steve K’s Vaping World, we’ll be taking a look… at ZOMBIE JUICE. Zombie Juice is based in Spokane, WA. I hear they have a factory in the dense woods where they use the most humane process available for extracting the juice from our undead friends. This review will cover two of these juices… Banana Milkshake, and Millennium Milkshake.

Let’s get to it. We’re going to talk about the usual… flavor, throat hit, vapor production. But there will also be some important notes regarding what hardware to use to get the best experience from these juices. I purchased 35ml bottles of both juices. The website also has 18ml bottles. Their pricing is on the less expensive side. 16.96 for 35 ml? Don’t mind if I DID. I went with the 60/40 blend.

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First up: Banana Milkshake. I was surprised by the color of this juice. I was expecting a clear or slightly off white/yellowish coloration. Not even close. This juice is a deep caramel color. The smell made me feel somewhat apprehensive. I’m a fan of sweet juices, but this smelled like pure sugar. But I powered through it and loaded it in to my standard res 510 carto. Set it at my sweet spot, 4.2v, and vaped away. I was expecting a strong banana taste with some creamy/milky

zombie juice imageWhat I taste when vaping this juice is about 90% sugar, 5% chocolate (!?), and 5% banana. Not necessarily a bad flavor, but I was hoping for a stronger banana presence. I was shocked by the chocolatey notes in there.

Next I got a fresh carto and loaded her up with Millennium Milkshake. This juice is advertised as a pineapple milkshake, which excited me because I absolutely adore pineapple, big fan of milkshakes, but never had a pineapple milkshake.

Upon removing the bottle top and taking a whiff, I found that this juiced smelled almost exactly like the Banana Milkshake juice. I took a vape, and was pleasantly surprised. This was exactly what I would expect a pineapple milkshake to taste like. Mellow, smooth pineapple flavor with a creamy presence and a fabulous aftertaste that stayed in my mouth for several minutes after my last puff. However, that sugary element was still there. So.. much…. sweetness…

After vaping all of the millennium milkshake and most of the banana milkshake, I feel it is important to note that these juices do produce a gross taste in your mouth if vaped too long between glasses of water.

If you’ve been vaping a while, you know the exact taste I’m talking about. Feel likes you have the all-time worst case of morning breath. You will want to rinse with
mouthwash when this occurs.

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Vapor Production was solid. Nice, fat, satisfying clouds of vapor. Throat hit was non-existent at the 1.2mg level. That was unfortunate. I am a big fan of a rock solid throat hit. Other vendors show that throat hit is possible at 1.2 mg. These juices did not do the trick. I would suggest a higher nic level.

Hardware Used

I tested these juices in several applications. From 3.7 to 4.8 volts, and in attys, cartos, and a delrin tank. These juices perform well at higher voltages. I had no issues in attys or cartos.

However, these juices are of the acidic variety. They will crack your j-tank or similar. You can purchase full delrin tanks from places like ElectroNicStix that will work for these juices.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the most sugary juice on the market, look no further. These juices taste like they have 500 calories per puff. I’d like to try some of Zombie Juice’s non milkshake flavors to see if they make everything with that extreme sweetness to it. But that’s my review.

A huge thanks to Steve for allowing me to guest review on my favorite vape site. Happy vaping!

John Irving is a serial vapist from Ogden, UT. You can find him on YouTube as vapezorz, and Twitter @Irvalicious.


  • I would definitely agree with you that the juice is a bit too sweet. In the Splenda sort of way. The throat hit is disappointing too.

  • I find it wrecks cartomizers because the extreme percentage of flavoring added (I've heard over 25% is PG based flavoring).

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