Hello and welcome to Steve K’s Vaping World. I’m Steve K, Chief Vaper and your guide to SKVW. This site launched officially on June 1st, 2011 and has been gaining ground ever since.  It is my mission to serve up electronic cigarette news commentary, honest and unbiased e-cigarette reviews as well as informative and entertaining articles relating to all things e-cigarette.

Vaping? I thought this was an e-cigarette site.

Yes, you’re in the right place.  Vaping is a slang term used by (perhaps, geeky) e-cigarette users. The term comes from the fact e-cigarettes produce vapor instead of smoke.  Since inhaling smoke from a cigarette is called smoking, logically, it made sense to somebody to call inhaling e-cigarette vapor vaping.  People who use electronic cigarettes (vape) are often referred to as “vapers”.  In retrospect I suppose I should have called this place Steve K’s e-Cigarette World, or maybe just e-Cigarette World or something, but it’s too late now, I’m far too old to change my ways!

Ok, so what’s your deal?
From the cheapo sticks I went to standard Joye 510 manual batteries, and shortly thereafter picked up an eGo USB pass through battery. Somewhere along the line I started amassing more and more e-cigarette gear and learning a great deal about the industry. That’s what brings me here to this public location. I thought perhaps I could use this platform to talk about some of my experiences with the different gear, vendors, experiments, and general stuff I’ve gotten into lately.I thought that this point would be where I told my story, but it’s a fair guess that everybody reading this probably has a similar story. Smoking bad, tried many things to quit, not successful, e-cigarettes tried and loved. I pretty quickly found myself preferring a vape on my no-name “e-health” e-cigarette to the old cancer sticks so after I took about a week finishing my last pack of smokes, I was done.

I try to cover a few different areas here at SKVW. As you look through the site, you’ll find reviews, guides and information and commentary on e-cigarette news from around the web. It is my hope that you will find something here that interests (and amuses) you weather you haven’t started vaping yet, or if you’re a seasoned pro. Read on for a little more detail on my take on things.

My Take on Reviews

Reviews are probably the thing you have landed on this site to begin with. I take great pride in the reviews here and hope my efforts pay off in terms of you finding value and entertainment in them. I have found that e-cigarettes attract a wide variety of people with a diverse set of preferences and experience with vaping and hardware.

Because opinions vary so widely and people have different level of experience, I try to include products on many levels from basic “name brand” starter kits to advanced “mod” style e-cigarettes. Similarly, I have a unique philosophy on reviews. Rather than passing judgement on any given product or declaring something to be the best of its kind, I simply share my experiences using a given device.

If you notice the titles of many of the reviews, they are called “impressions”. At first I thought I would just try to be different and thought it sounded better than saying “review” but as I went along and my style took shape, I found that the term impressions was very correct. My goal is to use a product and then describe in a detailed (and hopefully entertaining) way. I leave it up to you to decide if a particular product is worthy of consideration or if it should be skipped over. After all, just because I like something doesn’t necessarily mean the next person will.

Thank you for taking the time to look around and check out what Steve K’s Vaping World is all about. Feel free to contact me, or leave a comment if you have any questions.

Steve K.

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  • I love your site. Lots of good info here. Too much in fact.

    I'm not exactly new to ecigarettes, dripping or vaping, but after a few months I was put-off by the constant need to drip and the mess of leaky atomizers, etc.

    That was a few years ago and I'm ready to try again but I'm totally confused by the technology that's out now.

    I want a kit or rig , preferably non-proprietary, that uses a cartomizer with a 2-5ml juice capacity, has good vapor production, and doesn't leak. I would like to be able to use a USB pass-through with it.

    What would you recommend?

    Is there a non-proprietary 510 cartomizer that you would recommend for use with my old gear or should I scrap it all and step up the voltage for a better experience?

    Happy New Year,


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