Philter – Stealth Vaping Filter [Review]

Admit it. Many of you have at some occasion had to take a stealthy vape at some point. I know I have. A company called Philter has put out a line of devices to hide and clean exhaled vapor. Gone are the days of trying to blow vapor in your shirt on the sly. Read on to see if the Philter does what it promises!

Philter Pocket and Phlip Review

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Short of old-school drip tips, this may be the simplest product I’ve reviewed in my years of doing this. The Philter has no batteries, lights or chargers. It’s simply a system of a disposable filter cartridge and a couple of different case options to house the (ph)filter.

According to the company, each disposable is good for around 150 exhales. You then replace the cartridge with a new one (available in several different colors. I was sent a few different color cartridges and two versions of the Philter: the Philter Pocket and the Philter Phlip.

The Pocket is the most simple incarnation as it’s essentially is a silicon case that holds the disposable cartridge and has a mouth piece to exhale into. The Phlip has a little dock where you can put in a cigalike or pen-style vaping device.

Regardless of the version, they both work the same way. You inhale on your vaporizer as normal and then exhale into the Philter device. You get your usual vapor experience, but when exhaling into the Philter, you get… nothing.

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I have to say it works as advertised. A series of filtration parts inside the Philter cartridge traps the vapor so nothing comes out. The company also claims it removes any sort of harmful or unwanted emissions as well. Since I lack industrial scientific equipment I can’t say what it does and does not eliminate other than visible vapor.

It’s a bit cumbersome having to use two different devices. But, that’s also the good part of the Philter as it works with any vaporizer you happen to be using. I tested it with a high vapor rebuildable and other than some lingering vapor that was in the tank’s chamber itself, I saw no vapor.

Exhaling into the Philter Pocket is sort of like vaping in reverse.

The only real drawback I found beyond having to use extra equipment was the device does restrict exhalation airflow a small bit. I found it a bit uncomfortable at first, but you eventually get used to it.

Price-wise the pocket itself is relatively inexpensive while the Phlip comes in at about twice as much. Each includes one Philter cartridge. You can buy refills in packs of 3. They also have bundles which can save you a few bucks.

With a lifespan of 150 puffs and having to deal with a second thing in your pocket, I’d say this is more of a situational sort of device. It’s probably not something you’d use every day unless you knew you needed to do some vaping on the down-low. But, when you do need it, it sure beats trying to vape into a soda cup full of ice.

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