Evod Twist II – Big ‘n Simple (Review)

I admit it, I’m a junkie when it comes to direct-from-China retailers.  Where else can you buy remote control toys, aquarium parts and vaping gear all at the same place for a fraction of the price. When I was contacted by Everbuying to review a the Evod Twist II I was excited since I already bought my lightbulbs from there. In this quick review I’ll tell you all about the Kanger Evod Twist II.


Disclosure: I received this product from Everbuying for review purposes. This review features affiliate links.

Evod Twist II Review

Unlike a lot of the more advanced vaping devices out there, the Evod 2 is decidedly simple.  There’s no displays, or wattage controls.  Rather it’s a simple variable voltage device that adjusts via a dial on the bottom, much like the earlier “twist” style devices.

IMG_20150325_212616443The Twist 2 comes in a bunch of nice styles and finishes. My review sample is silver with a sort of fading dot design on it.  Otherwise the device is pretty plain.  The one I have is the 1600 mAh version so it’s one of the larger twist style devices. It’s a little thinner and taller than the iTaste CLK! for example.

A simple, curved activation button that matches the profile of the battery is located about an inch below the top deck of the Twist. It’s backlit in white by a ring around the button.

Unlike devices like the CLK, there’s no taper from the top of the battery to the eGo connector.  It’s a flat-top style device with an eGo connector on top.  As a result, many of the tanks I use, particularly eGo tanks like the EVOD tank look a little awkward on the top.  Larger tanks with dressup rings, however, are a little more presentable.

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There’s a little more interesting happening on the bottom of the Twist II.  Unlike the simple dial found on most of the smaller eGos, the Kanger solution has a nice tall and somewhat chunk button.

The dial has two deep grooves on its face making it easy to grip and turn.  The turning action on that dial is also chunky. It takes a little bit of force, with a noticeable click when you stop at each voltage setting.


The settings range from 3.3 – 4.8 volts.  I have to confess that does give it a little bit of an old technology feel.

Sometimes that isn’t bad, however.  I found that unlike a lot of the older models, this one can deliver the set voltage.  Running an inline volt meter, I found that the voltage drop when in use was around .1 ohm. That’s pretty impressive even for more advanced devices.

Granted, it’s not the fanciest thing in the world. But, if you’re looking for a simple device with good performance and decent battery life, it’s worth looking into.

Edit: I’ve just been informed that Everbuying is out of stock on these products.  But they have other EVOD and Twist devices in their impressive vaping selection.

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  • Sounds like this is good and simple – no bells and whistles. Wish I could tell how big it is compared to something (banana for scale, lol?) Would this be a good size for being portable?

    • Well, it’s smaller than a breadbox :) It’s smaller both around in height than most tube mods, but bigger than previous generation eGo twist devices.

  • Love it. Simple. Delivers. Fashioned special pockets inside all my coats to fit it and crocheted fancy sleeves to store it.

  • My evod twist II just now about burned my bed. I went to the restroom and inadvertently left it lay on my comforter instead of the cup I usually store my supplies in. I came back, it melted almost through my disposable tank, and boiled all of my vape juice out onto the comforter, it is really dark brown in that spot, (comforter is white,) so I don’t know if it is a burn, or just scorched vape juice, I’m going to try to bleach it out and see. The evod twist II of mine sticks ON, even though the button goes back to the off position. Caution!

  • I have 3 EVOD Twist 2s as well as a Twist 1. Manufacturing quality leaves very much to be desired. On 2 of the 3 one or both leads to the atomizer contacts came loose due to cold solder joints (improper soldering). All three of them are nearly impossible to recharge now because the the threads in the cheap pot metal got stripped. I have gone through a whole bunch of different USB chargers trying to find any that will still grip the threads at all. BTW my Twist 1 still charges just fine and the threads are not stripped.

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