Teeny Tiny Smokjoy Air is Tiny [Review]

I have been a fan of small vaporizers for a long time.  Small vaping devices have fallen out of favor because they haven’t been able to keep up with the demands of modern subohm tanks and atomizers.  Smokjoy’s Air tries to turn that around.  Read the rest of the SMOKJOY Air 50 Kit – 1200mAh review to see if it can pull it off.

smokjoywithsubtankHeaven Gifts kindly sent me a sample of the Air for me to put the tiny APV through its paces.  The model I received is the light blue version (black or white is also available.)

Disclosure I received this item free of charge for review purposes.  This article contains affiliate links.

The Air supports wattages up to 50 watts, as well as temperature control and the ability to select what type of wire you’re rocking in your coils.  The battery capacity is only 1200 mAh.

When you look at how small the Smokjoy Air is, it makes you wonder how they got even 1200 mAh out of such a small footprint.  The device fits easily in your closed fist.  In fact, the tank I used for this review (a huge Subtank) is bigger than the Smokjoy mod.

A tiny size means that the small OLED screen is housed on the side of the APV  rather than above or below the adjustment buttons that you’d see on traditional mods.  There are two small but well-spaced buttons for adjustments on the curved edge of the apv.

smokjoyairbuttonsThe firing button is curved to match the slope of the side of the Air (above the button section) and is in chrome to match the trim on the device. There’s a great click-feel to the button and the matching chrome helps it blend in nicely with the rest of the device.

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There’s no doubt this diminutive device is quite a looker.  The real question is can it be a useful cloud generator?

As mentioned earlier, I strapped my Subtank on using the RBA deck with a coil build rated at 0.6 ohm.  Being an old-fashioned kind of guy, I left the device on wattage mode.

I ended up using the device set around 30 watts.  The Protank setup could have handled much more wattage, but, the Smokjoy just wasn’t feeling it.

As soon as I tried to fire the Air at 40 watts with the .6 ohm load on a full charge, I was greeted with a check battery error.  After that the battery meter showed the battery as depleted and I had to put it back on the charger for a few minutes.

This indicates to me that the internal battery has a fairly low amperage limit and just can’t drive a load that high.  Even more frustrating is that the Air won’t let you vape while the device is charging, so that meant waiting around quite a bit until I found a setting that would work.

30 watts seems to be ok with the Smokjoy air, at least for a while.  It worked well, but would go back to the check battery warning once the battery was about halfway depleted.

smokjoyairwithhohmsliceSince the battery is so small, half a charge means about an hour of use.  Not exactly a great run time, but what did you want from a tiny APV?

Smokjoy’s little wonder seems to be a little more boastful than it deserves.  I think it would do well with more traditional (read non-rebuildable) tanks in the 20-30 watt range.

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From what I can tell a 50 watt limit is kind of pointless.  As is the ability to change the wire settings for temperature control mode.  It’s just not necessary because you’re not going to be able to drive the Air that hard.

Now, on the other hand, if you’re looking for a little less extreme setup that easily fits in a pocket and is fairly simple to operate, this might be a great choice.

Since most people who do use hand-built coils and higher wattages don’t tend to mind bigger devices, I’m not sure where this leaves the Smokjoy miniature.

The Smokjoy Air seems to be an answer to a question nobody asked.

I hope they improve upon the design to get the performance to match up with modern atomizers.  Maybe then it would have more appeal as a secondary device for more vapers. It’s not that I hate the device, I think it looks great and can even be useful in some instances.

There is some good news to come out of this review.  Heaven Gifts hooked me up with a coupon code that’s good on everything, not just the Smokjoy Air.  Use the code ASTEVEVAPE for 15% off your purchase.  Click here to shop.

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