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If you are a vendor or manufacturer of electronic cigarette or related products and are interested in advertising on this site or submitting a review sample of your product, I will happily consider your request. Please take a minute to review my ethics and transparency statement regarding sample submission and advertising practices. The following is the review policy from the transparency page:

Review Policy
I’m not the Wall Street Journal or Consumer Reports here.  I don’t exactly have a budget to purchase stuff to review.  Therefore, I will pretty much review whatever I happen to have available to me at the time.  Generally this is a mix of stuff I buy for my own use or products provided to me by third parties for review purposes.

In the event a company wants to give me a sample of something, I will take it with gratitude.  However, that doesn’t that I will give something a glowing review just because I got it for free. All reviews are my opinion of the product and are unbiased. I typically highlight both the good and bad aspects of a given product, including those which may be completely subjective on my part.

Merchants providing review samples should note, I generally schedule reviews in the order I receive the samples. In some cases this could mean delays of several weeks (or more during busy times). I encourage merchants to send products they feel best showcase their offerings.

In the event multiple products are shipped, I may or may not cover all products received. Multiple products may be covered by one or more subsequent reviews (with a delay between each review). Upon completion of the review I will return non-consumable items to merchants upon request. Otherwise, I may donate the items to local vaping groups or otherwise “pay it forward” when possible. Some items may be retained for future reference, or in some cases, disposed of.

I pride myself on providing even-handed overviews to my experience with a given product. Products will be regarded objectively for better or worse no matter their origin.  I try to write about as wide a range of products as possible.  There are a lot of different kinds of e-Cigarettes out there, and I feel that no one is necessarily better than another by default, but rather different people prefer different things.

Manufacturers please note: This site is a review and news site, not a reseller of products.  It is not necessary to send me information on wholesale pricing as I currently have no plans to sell actual products.  If you are interested in submitting a sample for review, or wish to pass along press information, please feel free to submit your information via the form below.

Use the form below to submit your inquiry and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Steve K.