Tutorial: Giantomizer V1 fix

You may have already gathered reading this site that I’m a big fan of both Giantomizer cartomizers and teflon tape (that stuff is the duct tape of the e-cigarette world).  The guys over at GotVapes have been blowing out the old version 1 of their Maximizer branded giantomizers for 2 bucks a pop, shipped.

Of course, as mentioned in a previous review, the originals were known to leak through the window.  When I received mine, I quickly learned they also suffered from a burnt taste quite frequently.  The good news is with a little bit of work, these can be made to be almost as good as the new version.

The process only requires a couple of things to get the old version up to speed.  First, enlarge the notches on the outer silicone seal.  Next, use some teflon tape to form an additional seal between the metal tube and silicone ring.

Using a paperclip inserted into the fill hole of the silicone gasket, gently pull up and work the gasket out of the metal tube.

With scissors or a razor blade, carefully enlarge the wick slots by cutting at an angle to either side of the slots making a V shape

Original wick slots, modified slot and what happens if you
make the slots too large.  Juice WILL leak in this case

Replace the seal by lining up the slots with the wick inside the tube.  Gently press back into place. Note: I ruined a couple of these during this step by pressing too hard on the cup and pushing the stem through the battery connector on the bottom.  It may help to leave the cartomizer attached to the battery when replacing the gasket.

I found it helpful to mark lines along the notches
to aid in alignment when replacing the seal
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The gasket aligned with the wick. The mark and coil should
form a straight line

Reinsert the tip into the tube and press it in firmly to seat the gasket fully (checking again to ensure the post is not pushing out the battery connector.
Cut a length of teflon tape to make a circle the same size as the diamater of the inner steel wall.  It may help to use the orignal cap as a guide.  Loosely roll the tape lengthwise into a rope.
Tape was wrapped around tip to help shape it
Place the tape inside the tube wall on top of the seal.  Using a small screwdriver, make sure the tape is touching the wall and is tucked in slightly between the silicone seal and the wall of the cylinder.
Like this, only less blurry
You’re ready to fill this puppy with juice and vape.  Be sure to firmly seat the tip to compress the teflon tape so it will form a tight seal.
This tutorial probably makes it look much harder than it really is to do this fix.  With a little bit of effort, you can get a carto that works nearly as well as one that costs five times as much.  
This fix isn’t perfect, I still do have one that leaks a little bit, and you do have to occasionally mess with the tape to ensure it fits well.  Another solution is to use food safe glue to form a seal, eliminating the need for the teflon tape (or messing with the tape.)  GotVapes mentioned in a post on ECF that they’ll be selling that glue very soon.  
Of course if you don’t want to go through the trouble because you aren’t cheap like me, you could always just pick up some of the new revisions of these things that don’t have leaking or dry burn problems.  Several places carry them including GotVapes and Ecig Express

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