Vaping for Charity [UK]

Here’s a guest post I’d drop in for all my vaping friends in the UK.  There’s an upcoming charity show that  will benefit a vaper in need.  This is a guest post, so as usual, the words and opinions are not my own.

The Telford Vape show is a charity vape show organised by Kevin Hill and sponsored by Love Vaping. Here’s how it happened…

Who is Kevin?

Kevin Hill, more commonly known as The Telford Vaper is a husband, father and vaping enthusiast. Kevin works for Sole Mates, a company who provide liquid orthotic insoles at various industry exhibitions across the UK. It was at a trade show in Worcester where Kevin first interacted with electronic cigarettes. Little did he know that this would become a full-time passion! To begin his journey into vaping, Kevin was using an eGo style device but did not feel as though the eGo style e-cigarette was helping replace cigarettes. Therefore, he decided that he would stop smoking and move onto a more expensive and advanced mod. 18 months later, Kevin is now a proud owner of a Reuleaux rx200, Asmodus Triad amongst many other advanced devices.

How it happened

Just over two months ago, Kevin was finding it difficult to sleep and his mind started wondering, this is when the idea of organising a charity vape show was born. Having presented the idea to a few vendors to see if this was a achievable plan or not, Kevin was shocked to see the support he had from the vaping community in general. Telford Vape Show was born. A UK based retailer of e-liquid quickly provided their full backing via offering to sponsor the whole event. Within a few weeks, 19 companies had decided to exhibit with many others showing their support via raffle prizes and other means of support. So much support in such little time provided Kevin with hope that this could be an annual event.

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The Telford Vape Show will be the first edition of what Kevin hopes to be an annual event for charity. Kevin hopes that the year on year the Telford Vape Show will double in size in terms of exhibitors and number of visitors. His desire is for the smaller vendors, be it e-liquid manufacturers or e-cigarette retailers, to be given an opportunity to represent themselves.


The Telford Vape Show will be held at Cordingley Hall (also known as Caseys) on 19th August from 12-4pm. There will be an entry fee of £2 with all proceeds going to the four charities mentioned below. The Cordingley Hall was selected as the choice of venue as first and foremost it is based in Telford (home of the Telford Vaper) and it is a venue used for conferences and entertainment, making it the perfect venue for the first Telford Vape Show.


Daddys with Angels

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Brains Trust

Libby Mae’s Little Angels

A full vendor’s list and more details are available on the official Telford Vape Show site. If you are unable to donate but would like to help Kevin reach his target for charity visit the website for details on how you can help.