Walgreens Carries Subohms, Have Things Gone Too Far?

I was recently visiting a friend in Tucson, and what we saw at a local Walgreens drug store gave me pause.  Actual subohm tanks.  These particular tanks were put out by Haus.

Mistic, in case you’re not familiar is a staple of retail traditional e-cigarettes.  Therefore, it’s not so surprising that their products would show up in the same stores that usually carry the cigarette-style devices.

Even though I’ve ranted about sub ohm tanks before, I’m the first to admit they’re here to stay.  The fact that they’re available outside vape shops kind of proves that.

Normally I’d say it’s a good thing that something a little more advanced can get in the hands of more people.  But, there’s a problem here.

These setups are much more complicated and might turn novice vapers off to the idea due to complexity. Sometimes safety can be an issue, but we’re not dealing with mechanical mods here. I’m hoping Mistic is rebranding something reliable in that ambiguous “30 Watt Mod” box.


Of course on the other hand, for regular vapers this is fantastic.  Think about it, say you’re somewhere strange and you break your tank.  You forgot to bring a backup (shame on you).  Used to be you were stuck with an eGo setup at best.  Now you just need a huge chain store and less than 25 bucks to get back up and running.

That’s a total win.  I decided not to buy the tank, but it looks like a fairly decent tank with a stainless steel body.  What’s not to love about that?

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I’d love to hear what you think?  Is this awesome sauce, or is it a sign of the impending apocalypse?

Steve K

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  • This is, as you say, awesome sauce. I feel like this will push vaping further into the mainstream and force some B&M stores to reconsider their oft times anti-competitive pricing. As long as people RTFM, there should be no real catastrophes. It looks to be very similar to Joyetech’s eGo ONE Mega tank…

    • Since when does anyone read a manual. Sub ohming will be the death of vaping imo. Antz hate smoke or vapor. Subohming puts out 10 times as much vapor as cigarettes put out smoke. Our image already sucks.

    • No stopping it now but volume vapers/cloud chasers may be the death of vaping in public imo

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