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The cartomizer tank. Is there anything so utilitarian in all the e-cigarette world as the trusty cartomizer tank?  Save for something like the Artemas, we’re talking about a tube with a couple of endcaps on it.  The AGR brings a little more to the party to add some much-needed features to the basic function of a carto tank. Check out the rest of the review to find out if it’s better to keep things simple.

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agr tank Product name  AGR Carto Tank
Available from  VaporAlley
Price  $12.99
Compatibility Standard or XL Cartomizers (without flange)


AGR Design

The center of the AGR tank begins like any other carto tank: with a clear tube. This piece is unremarkable, although it is threaded like a Vivi Nova tank. Most carto tanks use pressure-fitted end caps.

AGR Tank DetailThere’s one other notable exception with the tube. It comes with a little brother.  The AGR comes with two tanks: a longer one designed for the XL cartomizers and a short tank designed for shorter cartos like the Boges.

One thing to note, because of the unique design of the bottom, the pre-punched Smoktech cartos with the flange on the bottom won’t work with this tank.  You’ll be punching your own.  More on both of these things a little later.

First, let’s look at the top end cap.  It’s pretty much what you’d expect, except for the tiny thumbscrew located atop the cap.  While this allows for easy filling of the tank, I found that the thumbscrew interfered with certain types of drip tips.

Ok, now to the bottom of the tank, the thing that sets the AGR apart from the rest.  The bottom end-cap is a two piece design and goes together with your cartomizer sort of like a puzzle.

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The bottom piece of the end is sort of like a 510-510 adaper with a really wide bezel around it.  The second part of the end cap more resembles a traditional carto tank cap.  You insert the cartomizer through the top part of the cap and then screw it into the bottom piece.

From there the whole assembly gets screwed into the tank.  There’s not much of a chance for the cartomizer to spin or slide through the tank with this setup.

Since you have to punch your own cartos with this rig, there’s an optional carto punch you can purchase to go along with it. The punch works with the bottom cap.  Simply put the carto in the bottom piece then slide the punch down the carto.  You now have your punch in the perfect spot to make your hole.

Using the AGR

Aside from taking a few minutes to figure out how to put the AGR together, use is pretty straight forward.  There are two methods of filling this device.  I suppose using the thumbscrew and a needle tip bottle is the default method.  I find that it tends to dribble liquid back out the hole because of air pressure using this method.

AGR on SVDI use a sort of variation on the filling method.  With the carto in place, I unscrew the top cap and remove it.  Then, I remove the thumbscrew.  After that, screw the top cap back on and then replace the little screw.

This lets the fill hole work as a vent avoiding the air pressure forcing liquid to flood the cartomizer. I do on occasion use the fill hole for top offs, but filling from empty, I think the cap off method is the way to go.

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As for the rest of the tank, performance is going to depend on the cartomizer you put in there. There is one thing to note, and a bit of a downside of this tank. The plastic is a touch on the thin side. Acidic e-liquids will easily crack this one. I’d love to see a glass tank option in the future.

Too Long; Didn’t Read


The AGR is a cartomizer tank that trades simplicity for a setup that is easy to fill and keeps a firm hold on your cartomizer. Filling can be tricky with the built-in fill port. The tank is also best kept away from acidic e-liquids lest it crack. VaporAlley has these in stock.


  • Two tank sizes
  • Holds cartomizers firmly
  • Screw-on end caps
  • Compatible with carto punch


  • Tank material somewhat thin
  • Fill port a little persnickety
  • Somewhat complex

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