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Kanger has been a busy e-cigarette manufacturer as of late. In addition to their popular “T” line of e-cigarettes, they’ve also recently released the Pro Tank, and the subject of today’s Kanger review, the EVOD e-cigarette starter kit. As the name entails, this is an entire ecig instead of only a cartomizer. Let’s check the kit out and see how the EVOD measures up as a midrange electronic cigarette starter kit.

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Product name Kanger EVOD Kit
Available from  VaporAlley
Price  $49.95
Threading 510/eGo
Battery capacity 650 mAh
Cartomizer capacity 1.6ml

What’s in the Box

 2  EVOD Batteries
 2  EVOD clearomizers
 5  Replacement heads
 1  500mAh USB Charger
 1 USB to Euro wall adapter
1 Euro to US plug adapter


Kanger eVod Design

On the very surface, you would think this your run-of-the-mill eGo clone with a Kanger cartomizer.  You’d be both wrong and right to make that assumption. The battery (available in several colors) is functionally similar to the popular battery, which is a good thing for compatibility. However, the Kanger battery has a little extra polish to it, if you will.

evod button imageThe kit I received has the blue finish, which is a very attractive deep blue. There’s a satin feel to the finish, again not a huge departure from the eGo style.

Button placement is the first departure from the traditional eGo. Instead of being immediately below the battery connection, the button is moved down about 1/4th of the way from the top. More importantly, the button isn’t the chunky plastic button. Instead it’s a slightly larger in diameter button that is curved and flush mounted against the battery. There’s a ring around the button that lights up when it is pressed.

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This is actually very familiar as it’s the same button configuration I liked so much in the 777 Bullet. I suspect both of these models are made by Kanger. I do have the same complaint I had with the smaller e-cigarette, sometimes it’s hard to find the button when you’re not looking.

Like most modern eGo batteries, this one features the 5-click on/off function. Most of the time the batteries ship in the off position, so when you get yours, click the button a few times before panicking.

Oh, and then there’s the power. This battery is regulated. However, unlike many eGos, it’s regulated at a higher 3.7 volts. That 1/2 volt really makes a difference.

At the bottom of the e-cigarette battery, you won’t find much. There’s a small printed EVOD logo. The end cap is very thin and done in chrome. There’s a Kanger logo faintly etched into the cap.

kanger evod battery and cartomizerKanger’s EVOD is a two-act kit. The second part is the EVOD cartomizer. This clearomizer is very similar to the T3 or the MT3 style of clearomizer also put out by Kanger. It is a bottom-coil clearomizer with a replaceable head.

The clearomizer features an outer metal shell with liquid viewing slots in the metal (like the MT3) the exterior is color matched to the battery giving the entire device a unified appearance. Like the other bottom coils, the clear drip-tip is permanently affixed to the unit. Filling happens by turning the clearo upside down and unscrewing the head assembly to fill.

Filling is easy, but be mindful not to overfill or otherwise get liquid down the center tube. Bad times.

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The heads themselves are rated at 2.5 ohm. The kit not only includes 5 replacements, but 2 are already loaded in the cartomizers. That’s much nicer than the chintzy 2 heads you get with some other Kanger products.

Using the Kanger EVOD

I mentioned in the previous section that filling was pretty easy, though I do find it strange to fill a cartomizer upside down. Otherwise, there’s nothing particularly unusual about using the Kanger. It’s a very simple setup to get used to.

Actually, one thing to add. Be careful when unscrewing the cartomizer from the battery. Grab it by the metal band, not the top of the cartomizer. Otherwise you may unscrew the cartomizer from its base. You don’t want to do that with e-liquid in the cartomizer. Just trust me on that one.

Kanger evod batteries and cartosThe battery is a little small at 650mAh. Light vapers might be able to get through a day on a single battery, while for most the included two batteries will do the job. Chain vapers can charge in between batteries.

Speaking of chargers, the included charger is slightly more powerful than a standard eGo charger. Only about 50mAh but it in theory should lead to slightly quicker charge times. It’s also worth noting there’s no collar around the 510 threads on this charger. If you happen to use an eGo with one of those tank adapter things, you don’t have to take it off to charge. Nice.

Ok, enough about the small things, how about performance? As I mentioned in the design section, this battery is regulated at a steady 3.7v. That translates into better performance than 3.2v batteries. While it’s not a power house, it can get the job done with the included clearomizers.

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Vapor production was a little cool, which is typical for bottom coils. These do produce a healthy amount of vapor with a good throat hit to boot. Certainly  not bad for a midrange e-cigarette. Flavor reproduction is above average as well.

Most of the credit goes to the EVOD tanks themselves I think (which can be purchased separately). One thing I did notice is that these heads held on to flavors for a very long time.  I usually don’t bother with cleaning or swapping heads when I change e-liquid. Usually the new flavor overtakes the old in a short amount of time. Not with these tanks, it probably took a good 3 tankfuls before I got most of the old flavor out.

The combination of performance, ease of use and sleek appearance make this kit an excellent midrange choice.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

Kanger EVOD review: The end (clever, huh?)

The Kanger EVOD kit pairs slick good looks with surprisingly good performance to offer a compelling midrange kit. The asking price is also right in line with this style of kit. The slightly refined eGo battery features a nice curved flush button while the bottom-coil Kanger tank is a solid performer that looks great when paired with the included battery. You can snag one of these kits for yourself at VaporAlley.


Good looks
Good performance
Nice charger
Easy filling
Plenty of replacement heads included


Button can be hard to locate without looking
Cartomizers tend to retain old flavors
Permanently attached drip tip

Disclosure: I received this product from VaporAlley for review. This review features affiliate links.

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