Hands-on With V4L’s Zeus, Smileomizer and Dial-A-Volt new 510 Models

Great day in the morning, something special has happened over at Vapor4Life.  They’re adding 510 threads to their higher end products. This is great news for those of us who prefer 510 connectors to the 808 threads found on many traditional e-cigarette kits.

V4L 510 zeus dav review

Before I jump into this post, I suppose a little bit of explaining is in order.  If you’re not familiar with the load of jargon I just dropped off in the opening paragraph, here’s a quick primer: 510 and 808 both refer to the style of threads found on an e-cigarette battery and cartomizer.  808 threads are commonly found in classic e-cigarettes (including V4L’s offering of course) while 510 threads are most popular in high end and hobbyist devices like mods. You’ll find things like Protanks generally use the 510 connectors.

Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, one more housekeeping note before we get on.  This article isn’t going to go in-depth on the Zeus or Dial-a-Volt. Other than the connectors, the products remain essentially unchanged from my original reviews.  If you want to deep dive with either of those two you can read my Dial-a-Volt review and my reviews of the Vapor Zeus and the XL Vapor Zeus.

V4L DAV ConnectorAs of this writing, the 510 threaded gear isn’t available at V4L’s website.  A company representative has informed me that they will likely not be on the main Vapor4Life site. Rather, you’ll find these once they are available at WOW Vapor instead.  This is apparently a move to avoid confusing everyone by having two different standards running around on the same site.

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Anyway, you might be wondering why I’m so excited about a fairly simple change to an existing product.  Other than the bragging rights that maybe 510 connections are winning as the standard for new generation devices, of course.  The main reason is I’m sort of a fanboy.  Specifically of the Vapor Zeus and Smileomizers.

I still hold by my affirmation that the Zeus is the best refillable electronic cigar on the market.  Hit the link for the original review to see why.  But, essentially it provides an amazingly cigar like experience.

It’s also a regulated 5v device.  Those aren’t exactly easy to find these days.  They especially aren’t available in a simple form factor like the Zeus.  Sure it’s a large battery, just like the DaVs, but that also means it has a good run time.

Specifically, a 510 thread now means you can use the Zeus and the Dial with stuff other than V4L’s Smileomizer.  While there’s no eGo threading there, you can easily use it with Protanks or one of Innokin’s great tanks as well.

The real story here might actually be the Smileomizers.  They’re kind of a sleeper in my opinion.  They’re designed to fit directly with the larger V4L products of course, but they are really nice cartomizers on their on.

v4l 510 ecigsThat’s particularly weird if you think about it.  These are cartomizers.  Not tanks, no bottom coil, or pyrex or anything like that.  Just a large tradtional carto complete with absorbent filler surrounding a heating coil somewhere in there.

Even though it seems fairly low tech by today’s standards, these cartos perform very well.  There’s something about the simplicity of a good carto that I just love.  It also doesn’t hurt that the larger of the two have a huge 5ML + capacity.  They can carry more e-liquid than most tanks out there.

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Admittedly, they look best on one of V4L’s products, but there’s no reason you can’t put them on other gear.  I ran one of the Smileomizers on my MVP and it worked very well.  It kind of ended up looking like some sort of weird radio or something, but it performed well.

If nothing else, you should at least give those cartos a try.  Keep your eye out on WOWVapor.com for them to show up so you can check it out for yourself.

Disclosure: I received these products from V4L for review purposes.

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