Kids Get Sick, Vaping Gets Blamed

NBC nightly news ran a story about how vaping put 8 kids into the hospital over the last month. Officials at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin report that the teens were all hospitalized with respiratory issues.

The common link between the kids was that they all vaped. So, of course vaping was automatically assumed to be the culprit at play.

But, if you dig deeper state officials haven’t actually come out and said vaping is the definitive cause because more investigation would be needed.

At this point blaming vaping and walking away is a dangerous idea. Let’s assume that that common link was causal. In that case, something is very wrong and should be investigated to find out if there is a larger threat to vapers in general.

Just saying oh kids shouldn’t smoke and vaping is bad is a dangerous oversimplification. Hopefully, authorities will take this matter seriously and see if there is some sort of dangerous product in the market in particular like bad e-liquid or maybe even some totally not vape related cause.

Steve K

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