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Vaping: 3 reasons why Vaping is for the “Public Good”

WHO are you and why are you reading this?? I have no idea, so please tell me if you are in the Vape Space or just a casual observer. Here’s why I ask…

If you are in the Vaping Industry in any sense, like retail, on-line, affiliate programs, accessories, juice manufacturing or production then I want to offer you whatever I can that has been accumulated over the past decades of entrepreneurship along with having a national presence within the Vaping Industry. If you are NOT in the Vape Space, what is your interest?

Either way, you are a fan, right?

vaping allowedOn our last Vape News Radio Show ( I interviewed Dave Collins, the founder of California Vaping Co in San Diego. I didn’t have him on so much as a juice manufacturer but as an employer of about 40 people and that brought up the conversation about the HUGE advantages for employers to encourage smokers to vape instead. Right now just under 20% of Americans smoke and if they work in an office or for a company they take breaks to smoke. That is disruptive to their attention span, takes time out of their day to take their approved and sanctioned smoke breaks and generally interferes in the day’s operation.

Point #1

There are three really big beneficiaries of employees smoking less:
Employers: Dave shared that of his eight employees, seven of them now vape. He provides free juice, mods and pens at cost and he has seen his production go up. The employees don’t have withdrawals, can vape at work and don’t need to run outside (who knows how that long may be!) to catch their tobacco rush.

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AND his insurance costs will decrease.

As the Vaping Movement expands and gains traction, more and more insurance companies are offering discounts on Life Insurance as well as Health Insurance. That equates into lower premiums for the employer, which helps keep their costs down and ideally makes the business more profitable.

Point #2

The insurance companies win big by incentivizing healthier alternatives and lifestyle. Insurance companies are highly profitable and if they can secure more business by segregating and offering discounted rates to NON-smokers, they will. Is a VAPOR considered a non-smoker? As a general rule after one year the answer is yes. They want to see 12 months off tobacco and will offer non-smoker pricing. BTW, they don’t usually validate or have any way of checking your 12 month claim.

And last, Point #3:

The biggest winner is YOU.

Of all the addictive behaviors, including alcohol, drugs, gambling and every vice you can think of, tobacco addiction costs the American consumers $100B annually. That’s a lot of money that can be saved by reducing the number of smokers.

Readers, please share this information. I stand by my conviction that the “acceptance” of vaping and e-cigs will get traction at the grass roots level. It will happen when the NON-smokers put pressure on their leaders and regulators to BACK THE HELL OFF their crusade against vaping and vapors. It will happen and I stand by MY commitment to do everything I can to change the minds and mindset of everyone.

World No Smoking Day was May 31
Did you know that? Did you celebrate it? We have different motivations for being involved n the world of vaping or e-cigs but at our core we also help millions of smokers kick this nasty habit. Let’s honor that since we should be proud of being part of that movement.

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