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This week’s site of the week is the VaporRater.  It’s a site that is packed with reviews of e-liquid.  The owner is a prolific writer and very thorough with his reviews.  I have been trying to get a guest review or two out of this guy for ages, but his heavy workload putting out so many great reviews has kept the rater very busy.

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Here’s what Josh, the guy behind VaporRater has to say about the site: is dedicated to providing the vaping community with unbiased, detailed,and up-to-date reviews of all things e-juice.

Joshua Siegel, the creator and chief reviewer at VaporRater, is a classically trained chef, a musician, a father, a vaper (for almost 4 years), and a connoisseur of really good e-juice.

Years in professional kitchens studying under world renowned chefs has helped Josh to develop and refine the palate required to breakdown most e-liquids to their component parts, describe the qualities of each singular flavor, and help vapers, both new and experienced, decide where to spend their e-liquid budget.

After a suitable steeping period (3 weeks is the norm), each juice is tasted on a mech mod with a rebuildable dripping atomizer equipped with a sub-Ω coil. The final review is conducted with a Provari v2 and a high quality 510 dripping atomizer. Using a 5 star system, each juice receives a rating in the following 4 categories: Accuracy of flavor, Flavor Density, Throat Hit, and Vapor Production.

Much like food, art and wine, e-juice is a fairly subjective matter. What one person enjoys may not be very appealing to you and vice versa. In that regard, the main focus of, and the reviews you’ll find there, is to speak to the overall quality, balance, and flavor composition of the product, rather than whether or not the reviewer enjoys a particular flavor. is not paid by any manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer to endorse their products so you can depend on unbiased, honest, and reliable reviews.

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