New and Notable e-Cigarette Products Week of 2-16-13

Welcome to the newest segment on Steve K’s Vaping World. New and notable was an exclusive feature of my newsletter (you should really subscribe). I decided to instead publish this for everyone as the newsletter was starting to get a little long.  The idea is simple enough. As I visit different places and find new stuff I’ll post them here, once a week(ish) for your edification.

Since is the first edition, and vendors are still recovering from the big holiday in China, some of this stuff might not be completely new, but play along anyway.

777 ecigs e-hookah777 eCigs

  • eHookah (Yes, a hookah with dual hoses)
  • Shisha e-Liquid
  • Redesigned disposables


  • Gun Metal eGo
  • Groove (A variable voltage/wattage box-style device)
  • Octopus RDA

Smokeless Image

  • Volt Spinners

ProVapenew provari wrap from provape

  • New ProVari colors
  • ProVari Wraps
  • ProVari Pass-Through


  • V2 Standard Plus Kit


  • V4L Dial-a-Volt


  • eCiggo (A zippo-style e-cigarette)


  • Tesla
  • iTaste MVP (eGo threaded)
  • Colored eVic (Device only)

White Cloud

  • Cinnamon Disposable e-cigarette

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