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A look at MadVapes’ Volt Indicator for e-Cigarettes

MadVapes Assembled Volt Indicator

mad vapes volt indicator image

The MadVapes LED volt indicator is one of the staples of my e-cigarette accessory box. I’ve had one of these devices for ages, but haven’t yet bothered to mention them.  I figured now might be a good time for that.  Why not write a short review of the MadVapes screw-on e-cigarette volt indicator.


Uses for the MadVapes Volt Meter

The volt meter is a fairly specialized piece of equipment.  There’s a few scenarios where this device may come in handy.

  • Setting voltage on a variable voltage device with no display
  • Verifying battery output is within an expected range
  • Observing actual voltage output of an e-cigarette device under load
  • You like the idea of having a voltage display going on while you vape


The LED volt indicator is a pretty simple affair.  The whole thing is encased in a small plastic box with a clear window.  Inside the box is the  volt meter electronics.  On one end is a male 510 connector with the complementary female connector on the other end.

mad vapes volt indicator for e-cigarettes no carto imageThis design means that the device can be operated inline with a cartomizer attached to your e-cigarette.  If a cartomizer is attached, the readout will be able to show the voltage output “under load.” That is it will show you what voltage is being achieved with the added load of the cartomizer.

The meter can also work without an attached atomizer.  In this configuration it will simply show the battery output without any sort of load attached.

It’s also important to note that the circuitry in this indicator is fairly simple.  As a result, the MadVapes volt indicator can’t read e-cigarettes that use a pulsing regulator to control voltage output.  This type of regulator is commonly found in eGo devices. There is also no connected airway, so automatic batteries also will not work with this e-cigarette volt meter.

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Using the MadVapes Volt Indicator

There’s really not much to using the volt indicator.  Simply bolt it on, attach your carto or atomizer if desired, then activate your e-cigarette.

madvapes volt indicator carto on imageThe display on the volt meter will show spinning lights for 1-2 seconds and then display the current voltage.  Interestingly, if the voltage changes while in use the display will change without any sort of delay.

This is particularly handy for variable voltage e-cigarettes.  You can tinker with the voltage dial while activated to quickly dial in the right voltage.

If the volt indicator dimly flickers rather than displays the voltage, it means that your e-cigarette has a pulsing regulator and won’t work with the meter.

I did not notice any drop in performance while using the device.  Which means there’s no real reason, beyond it being kind of clunky, to remove the device while vaping if you so choose.

I have to admit, I was much happier when MadVapes just started building this meter directly into their venerable variable voltage box mod.

madvapes volt indicator end image

Too Long; Didn’t Read

The MadVapes inline e-cigarette volt indicator isn’t exactly a device that everyone will need.  However, if you are in one of those situations where you demand to know your voltage, the volt meter is a reliable and inexpensive solution. The volt meters are available in black or white and can be purchased at MadVapes.


  • Inexpensive
  • Can be used inline while vaping
  • Simple operation
  • real-time metering


  • Slight delay before first readout
  • Incompatible with eGo and other pulse regulated devices
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Product Name: Assembled Volt Indicator
Available at: MadVapes
Price:  $14.99
Threading: 510

Disclosure: I feature affiliate links and advertisements for MadVapes

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