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SmokeTech’s ARO clearomizer line follows a continuing trend where Smok… shall we say, has been inspired by competitors.  The ARO is a design very similar to the EVOD, though unlike the Trophy Tank, the ARO isn’t an exact copy of Kanger’s popular bottom coil cartomizer. Here then is the SmokTech ARO Pyrex review to see if this is a new animal or just an overgrown EVOD.

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smoktech aro review card image Product name ARO Pyrex Bottom Coil Tank
Available from  MadVapes
Price  $7.99
Resistance  2.4 ohm
Capacity 3.5ml
Competing products  ProTank, Trophy Tank, Kanger T3S
Who’s it for?  People with acidic e-liquid and a love for bottom coil tanks

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Pyrex ARO Tank Design

Calling the ARO a copy of the EVOD is actually unfair.  It looks similar, but the tank is much larger and has a top more like the ProTank/Trophy tanks.

two smoktech aro pyrex clearomizersThe capacity also comes in closer to the tank-style clearomizers. This model boasts a not shabby 3.5ml of capacity.

The Pyrex tank, like the EVOD, is sheathed in a metal sleeve with an oblong viewing port on either side of the tank. The ARO’s sleeve features a glossy finish, making it a nice contrast to similar products which tend to have a satin or matte finish.

Atop the Smok clearomizer sits a one-piece mouthpiece/top cap combination.  This cap is chrome and is somewhat like the ProTank caps, though the design differs somewhat with a shorter bottom edge.

Moving now to the underside of the bottom coil tank, you’ll find an eGo sleeve style connector.  Like many other bottom coil devices these days, the threading is on the portion that mates up with the eGo cone threads.  Thankfully, APVs without cone threads are becoming more rare, but if you own something lacking those threads, there will be an adapter in your future.

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Unscrewing the skirt reveals the inside of the cartomizer for filling.  While not overly difficult, there is a lip just above the threads inside the clearomizer body. This makes filling without getting liquid down the center tube slightly more challenging. I tend to use Innokin U-cans and find the needle tip on those to be too short to clear the lip effectively. Needle top bottles with longer needles should have no problem, however.

Back to the bottom cap now, as you might expect, looking at the base, you’ll find a replaceable head which screws into the cap.  In fact, it’s the same head that’s used in the Trophy Tank which makes things simple and consistent across the SmokTech lineup.

smok aro replacement head

The head is not unlike most bottom coil clearomizers. It features a metal cap with a stem that meets up with the tube inside the body. The coil assembly with two short wicks is snugly secured under the cap.

A silicone gasket keeps everything from leaking. Before jumping over to page two here, just a little mention.  These tanks are also available in plastic instead of Pyrex. If you don’t use e-liquid that breaks plastic, that may be a more cost-effective option.

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