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Using the Vapestick Max e-Cigarette

The max reminds me a great deal of the Johnson Creek Vea. Not only is the style very similar, but so are some of the performance quirks. Of the non-Vapestick clearomizers I was able to get to work on the Max, performance was a touch on the lackluster side.

vapestick max ecigarette cartomizersHowever, when using the cartomizers designed for the device, things worked pretty well. Vapor was reasonably warm and the production was more robust than I’d expect from a typical eGo, particularly one that likely has a lower power output.  I can’t say exactly what the output is because the oddball threading on the Max e-cigarette wouldn’t accept my handy-dandy voltage meter.

Not having the ability to use my own e-liquid with the prefilled cartomizers, it’s hard to say exactly how the flavor reproduction compares. Some of the included flavors are pretty good.  I used the apple a lot which is more of a candy style apple.  Think Jolly Rancher green apple here.  Not a terrible flavor for sure, but I’ve found there’s divided opinion when it comes to real fruit vs. candy fruit flavors.

With a 650 mAh battery, battery life is right where I’d expect it to be.  As a very heavy user, you can expect at least a couple good hours of use out of the Max ecig battery.  Lighter users can probably get through a day on the two batteries included.

My general rule for battery life is if one can charge before I deplete the other, we’re doing alright. The Max held up here without much issue.

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General use was fine as well, the Max is a solidly built device. The overall size and button placement made it easy to activate with my thumb.  I could also hold the whole e-cigarette sideways in my fist and hit the button with the back of  my middle finger.

If it weren’t for the lights, it would actually make a pretty decent stealth device.  It probably depends where you’re at.  If it’s a brightly lit place, you probably won’t get much attention. However, use it somewhere dark and the odd light coming from your hand might get noticed.

I think that’s part of the design anyway, for the light up logo to shine brightly. There’s certainly no way to mistake a brightly glowing V for the end of a lit cigarette at least.

In general, I’d say this is not a bad device for newer users. The performance is at least on par with some of the better traditional e-cigarettes while offering better battery life to boot.

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The Vapestick Max e-cigarette is the top-of-the-line offering from UK e-cigarette company Vapestick.  It’s solidly built and good-looking with its hidden LED lights. Performance with the included cartomizers is better than you think. However, its odd proprietary implementation of the 510 standard restricts its cartomizer choices severely. You can acquire one of these devices from Vapestick.


  • Solid feel
  • Hidden blue LEDs
  • Good performance with included cartomizers


  • Quasi-proprietary threading
  • So-so performance with 3rd party clearomizers
  • Rounded bottom cap

Disclosure: I received this item for review from Vapestick

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