Vapestick Max e-Cigarette Review

Vapestick is a popular e-cigarette vendor out of the UK.  They were kind enough to send one of their brand-new Max kits across the pond for me to take a look at and review. The company touts this model as its best vapor producer.  Let’s find out if the Max is all it’s cracked up to be in this Vapestick e-cigarette review.

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vapestick max e-cigarette review Product name Vapestick MAX Electric Cigarette
Available from
Price  44.99 GBP
Threading Proprietary
Competing Products Johnson Creek Vea

What’s in the Box

 2  batteries vapestick e-cigarette review what's in the box
 1  cone
 6  cartomizers
 1  USB Charger
 1 Euro wall adapter

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Vapestick Max Electronic Cigarette Design

The Max kit is a fairly straightforward eGo style e-cigarette kit. Its clear the kit is designed for new users and those with simple tastes.  There are no clearomizers or anything out of the ordinary here. Just a battery, cone and pre-filled XL cartomizers.

Vapestick end imageThe batteries are available in black or chrome and pack 650mAh of capacity in a fairly compact eGo frame.  Vapestick has put a couple of its own touches on the theme which serve to make them unique to the company.  Of particular note are the lights.  Like most eGos, the Max features a light up button.  However, the light is hidden beneath a chromed button until the button is pressed.

In addition to the hidden button light, there is another light at the end of the battery.  What appears to be a simple etched Vapestick logo lights up when the button is pressed.  Both lights, incidentally, are blue.  As you non-red lights on e-cigarettes makes me happy.

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There’s also a couple of things with this design that make me less happy.  The first is a pretty minor detail. The bottom cap is not flat, it’s curved.  That makes it impossible to sand the Max on end when not in use.

Ok, I know, maybe that’s just me, but I like to set my larger devices on end when I put them down.  I don’t even know why any more. Half the time I just knock them over when I bump my desk.  Still this one bugs me.

The second issue is more serious.  The threading.

vapestick ecigarette review connector imageAt first blush, you would think the Max is eGo threaded.  It is, sort of.  For whatever reason, the thread gauge or connector depth or something is off.  This means that many third-party clearomizers won’t fit properly on the Max’s battery.  The cartomizers are worse, I couldn’t fit them on any 510 threaded devices to save my life.

Speaking of cartomizers, the Max kit comes with 6 of them. Interestingly, they are packaged in a pill bottle.  That’s a great idea for childproofing.  But I’m not sure what kind of message that might send, especially considering they have disclaimers that their products are not medical products all over the box.

The included cartomizers come in the form of a variety pack with 6 of the most popular flavors. Flavors include apple, vanilla, cherry, menthol and a couple of tobacco flavors.

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