Atlantis 2 – Vaping Boogaloo [Review]

Second versions of vaping products tend to be somewhat similar to the originals.  Not in the case of the Atlantis 2 by Aspire.  The new version is radically different from the original.  Read on for the Atlantis 2 review.

Disclosure: this tank came to me for review purposes by way of Vapor Authority.

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Like many sequels following successful small firsts, the Atlantis 2 is a much bigger production.  I mean that in the literal sense.  The Atlantis 2 is huge compared to the first version.

Size isn’t the only difference in the new Atlantis tank, it’s a nearly complete reimagining of the original.

To begin with, let’s start at the top.  It boasts one of the widest bore drip tips I’ve ever seen on a tank.  It’s comically big.  It’s also not a standard 510 drip tip, so you’re stuck with it.  But, there’s something even more interesting built right under the tip.

Airflow adjustment.  The sleeve in which the topper fits can be turned to expose holes and allow even more air to flow.  This is in addition to the traditional bottom-loaded adjustable vents that are still present on the new Atlantis.

Opening them both is fairly impractical as you’re just sucking a ton of air.  But you can strike a nice balance with the two to get any kind of draw experience you can possibly think of.

This tank is the lung hitter’s best friend.  It’s also great for normal people.  Well, if you consider subohming normal.  There’s a whole thing going on there.

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Even though it’s larger, the general tank setup is close to the original.  The tank features a nice Pyrex glass insert which is held in place by a huge gasket.  The tank is a bottom filler and holds plenty of e-liquid even though the head cover assembly and air tube is quite a bit larger than before.

The tanks size and airflow setup aren’t the only new things going on here.  You’ll also find that the heads were redesigned as well.  These heads come in low and stupid low resistance options.  That is, .5 ohm and .3 ohm respectively.

Wicking is done via Japanese cotton, and liquid flows in via large holes in the sides of the head.  This is similar to the original.  What is different is the amount of power you can throw at this new tank.

It’s claimed that you can go up to 80 (freaking!) watts.  In my testing I found that to be perhaps a little overkill.  But, I found that the optimal cruising speed was around 40 watts.

To be honest, the Atlantis 2 could cruise even higher, but 40 is just what worked for me.  I find that I blow through e-liquid way too fast with the really high voltage stuff.  Even at 40 watts, I’ve started wishing my favorite vendor started carrying e-liquid in gallon jugs.

Clouds?  Yeah, we got clouds.  How can you not get a crap ton of vapor when you combine high wattage and cotton wicking?

The vapor is both dense and warm, because, well 40-50 watts is pretty darn hot.  As I mentioned before, that much vapor does come with the cost of going through much more e-liquid than your traditional over 1 ohm tanks.  Anyone remember those?

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If you’re looking for a turnkey tank that produces tons of vapor and won’t break the bank, I hear Vapor Authority has these tanks on sale at the moment.  Go check it out.


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  • Nice! Sounds great for cloud users especially. I subohm but look for a tank that gives me the taste I am after so I was looking at this one but think i will look closer at their newer Aspire tank, the Triton. Thanks for the review

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