Squonking VS Drippers

Squonking Versus Drippers: Pros, Cons and More

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As vaping evolves, we’re seeing more and more crafty vapers coming up with clever ways to improve their experience. Lately, it’s been all about squonking. Squonking is meant to preserve the same enjoyable dripping experience without the constant need to refill your e-juice. Basically, squonk mods are mods with built-in e-liquid bottles so you don’t have to constantly drip.

Squonk mods are bottom-feeding devices that hold your e-juice supply so the liquid can be fed to your atomiser. This method is much more convenient and far less messy as the user doesn’t have to constantly refill their device or worry about always having a bottle of e-liquid on hand. To activate the liquid, you simply squeeze the bottle (squonking mods usually feature an opening so you can squeeze the bottle while you’re holding the mod with one hand) or press a button so the juice squirts up into the cotton.

Clearly, the biggest advantage of this method is that it lets you vape for longer without needing to manually refill the e-juice. While this is a very appealing feature, it’s still important to ensure that this specific vaping method is right for you. Whether you’re vaping to quit smoking or are on the competition scene, you should thoroughly consider the pros and cons of squonking. We’ll cover that and a few other things you should know about this method below.

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Pros of Squonking

  • More Juice—The most obvious reason to switch to squonking from a regular dripper is because a squonker mod can hold up to four times as much e-juice as an RDA. While we’ve heard of squonking mods holding as much as 12 millimetres, you will typically see this mod style made to hold between 6 and 8 millilitres of vape liquid. A bigger reservoir means you don’t have to carry around your mod and a bottle of e-juice wherever you go.
  • Better Flavour—You’ll get the freshest flavour with a squonk mod. The juice is fed through a tube up to the RDA portion each time you want to puff the vapour, so it’s not sitting there saturating the cotton and getting stale. Basically, squonking gives you the same flavour and cloud production as your favourite dripper minus limitations and mess of dripping. Therefore, it’s often a popular pick for flavour chasers.
  • Less Mess—Speaking of mess, of course, when you’re constantly refilling your dripper, you’ll occasionally spill some e-liquid in the process. While there is some concern about spilling excess juice inside a squonk mod, since you have to refill much less often, you’re less likely to waste expensive liquid while you’re vaping. Many people who tend to vape while they drive, work or do other things that require focus will also appreciate the convenience and all-in-one appeal of the squonk mod.

Cons of Squonking:

  • Can Be Costly—Right now, your best bet for squonking is to buy a squonk mod kit, which can cost you a significant chunk of money if you invest in the best brands and most highly rated styles. On top of that, some vapers notice that squonking comes at a higher risk of over-dripping, since you’re tempted to squeeze more juice for every puff. Over time, this can equate to a lot more juice used than regular drippers.
  • Takes Up Space—Squonkers have to accommodate for the bottle, so there’s limited space for battery, which takes away from your power options and other modifications. This makes having a dual battery almost impossible if you value a compact mod. But as we see new designs emerge, vape brands are working hard to address these problems and hopefully we’ll see squonking mods that don’t sacrifice on power soon.
  • It’s Still New—Regulations and availability are still somewhat nuanced with regard to squonking mods. Every day, we’re seeing tons of great bottom-feeding innovations come out of the top mod makers, so it probably won’t be long before there are some much better options on the market. For now, though, we’re somewhat limited to experimental options that will probably lay the foundation for better styles of the future.
  • Can Be Tedious—The last drawback of squonking is that, though you have to deal with liquid less often, when you do, it can be a bit of a chore. Squonking mods require squonking bottles, which must fit nicely into the bottle compartment in your mod. So not only do you have to transfer your e-liquid to another bottle (which can be messy and time-consuming) but you also have to get the bottle into the mod, which can be a bit of a hassle.
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Should You Try Squonking?


So, with a laundry list of both benefits and drawbacks, deciding whether or not you want to squonk really comes down to your own personal preferences. If you’re big on the idea of not having to constantly drip—and, let’s be honest, who isn’t?—then we would definitely recommend giving this vaping method a try. On the other hand, if you hate the idea of sacrificing power and aren’t down with carrying around a bigger, bulkier mod, then stick to regular drippers until the industry finds a way to create a compact squonker with good battery life.

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