Augvape V200 Mod – Start your Engines [Review]

Augvape decided the world needed an advanced vaporizer styled after a car’s engine block.  Why?  I have no idea.  Despite the unusual styling choice, the Augvape V200 is a capable vaporizer.  Read the rest of the Augvape V200 review to see if this mod will get your motor running.

Augvape V200 Mod

Features and specs

– Uses 2x 18650 batteries
– Output 10-200 watts
– Zinc alloy construction
– Hidden power button
– Jog wheel control
– USB charging port
– Large OLED display
– Three output modes
– Exclusive V Mode

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Augvape V200 Mod Review

The Augvape V200 is clearly a very stylized vaporizer, which makes sense since they went all in on that engine design thing.  To be honest, I didn’t immediately think car engine when I saw it.  To me, the assorted bump-outs and detailing made me think more of those fancy cases you carry expensive gear in than a car engine.

Once I saw those things pointed out on Augvape’s website, I totally saw it.  The jog dial which is used to scroll through settings like wattage does look like an oil cap.  Similarly there’s sort of a wheel pattern built into the top area where the tank connector lives.

I’m not a big enough gearhead to be impressed by the engine aesthetics of the V200, but I think the styling sets the vaporizer apart from the many, many black rectangles out there on the market. 

Other than the automotive theming, there’s one other notable design feature about the V200 mod.  There’s a distinct lack of a visible firing button.  I’ve used mods that have a sort of side panel you squeeze, but Augvape’s implementation is different from that.

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The fire button is incorporated right above the display in the black panel that runs down the front center of the vaporizer.  The mod ships with a sticker over the display that has a power icon so you know where the button is, but once you remove the sticker, it’s totally invisible.

It’s not hard to activate the button once you know where it is.  The area also has a distinct click so you know that you’ve pressed the button, so there’s no worries there.  That being said, however, I have to say I like the side-squeeze buttons on mods like the Wismec a little better.

There is another small feature that I really appreciate over similar box-style mods.  The battery door is located on the bottom of the device.  Unlike many other mods I’ve used, there’s not a little sliding switch that’s impossible to use when there are no batteries in the vaporizer.  Instead. you slide the whole bottom panel out a bit and then the door swings open.

The V200 is not only stylish, but it has proven to be a full-feature device that can deliver power when you needed.

Augvape’s mod can output up to 200 watts, though I tended to stay in the low 100’s.  The device sports three special modes.  There’s the auto mode, which works pretty much like any other vaporizer.  Then there’s a pass-through mode which delivers the battery’s output straight to your coils.  Finally, there’s what they call V-Mode.  

V-Mode essentially has the ability to quickly ramp up the wattage delivered to your tank so the coils heat up quickly.  This in turn produces more vapor more quickly.  It’s a very handy feature to have if you’re into maximizing your cloud creation time.

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In addition to the special modes, the V200 features the usual additional safety features including a wattage lock and a button lock.  These modes are a bit less intuitive to activate.  You have to hold the fire button and then flick the jog wheel up or down to activate which lock you want.

In all Augvape backs up their unusual design choice with solid-performing and built internals.  I’m not an engine fanatic, but I like the unique style well enough.  This is a solid vaporizer and well worth a look.

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